Between Gods and Men Notes from egypt, 2012

Home base. The IFA Dig House at Abydos.

...and in the evening. The common theme, "do you have the Internet?"

The Shunet al-Zabib, Abydos.

Sculpting with bricks.

Sunrise in Abydos; and we are on site, at the Shunet, to welcome it each morning.

Everyday, one brick at a time...

When the sun becomes the moon.

Work in the midst of a sandstorm. Perhaps not the full-blown version, but it sure felt that way...

Photo credit: Greg Maka, for PYIFA.

Watching, and being watched. The village of Beni Mansur, near Abydos.

Small town, anywhere.

Balliyana, near Abydos, Egypt. Reminds me of the countless nondescript towns across India, caught somewhere between the road from village to city.

Typical if the landscapes around us; lush green fields squeezed between desert sands.

Mary, of the WhiteMonastery. Sohag.

Portraits at the Shunet.

My first encounter with Pharaonic monumentality (outside the Shunet): Temple of Seti II, Abydos.

A magnificent bull from the Rameses II temple in Abydos. Several of the hieroglyphs from this temple are scattered in museums around the world, but this one survived on site.

The temple at Karnak.

Cinema Luxor.

Temple of Hatshepsut. One of the most inspired siting of a building one can experience.

An intricate and intimate unveiling of layers and depth under the imposing weight of the escarpment.

Modern ruins in a region focused on antiquities: New Gourna.

The spectrum of tourism:

( above) Tourist kitsch at the Hotel Scheherazade, Luxor.

(Below) The Winter Palace, Luxor. A colonial institution, steeped in the historiography of Egyptology, and Egyptologists...

The ever eroding threshold between desert and settlements: on the walls of Quomo Sultan, looking at the village of Beni Mansur, Abydos.


Cover photo: Greg Maka, for PYIFA.

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Shubhra Raje

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