1st Sunday in Lent Remember the Sabbath Day...

Sundays in Lent are for practicing the Sabbath

Let us do something radical in Lent: let us take time off to just be. To not be in control, or in charge, or in need to do something.

A few suggestions (I dare not call them rules)

  1. To go church.
  2. Do not spend any money.
  3. Eat a good meal with loved ones.
  4. Play, recreate, do art, listen to music...whatever rejuvenates.
  5. Pray for those who have to work today.

The Lenten Devotional week ahead

The week ahead in the devotional sets the rhythm for the bulk of Lent.

  • Sunday worship sets the tone and theme for the week. Sabbath practice allows you to be revitalized for the week.
  • Monday connects another scripture to the theme of the week.
  • Tuesday is set aside for service. You'll get instructions this Tuesday to build service into your daily life.
  • Wednesday is for learning of an historical figure that epitomizes the theme.
  • Thursday is for an internal activity for self-improvement. Each activity will connect to the weekly theme.
  • Fridays are for specific prayer practice around the theme.
  • Saturdays are for outings that allow you to invest one more time in the theme of the week.

Daily Practice

  • PRAY daily in the way that best suits you. Silence, singing, writing, walking, etc. are all great ways to pray.
  • CONFESS sins daily in the way that best suits you. Pastor Christopher can help.
  • ELIMINATE material crutches that allow you to trust in something other than God. That could mean reducing screen time, curbing unhealthy food habits, taking the first step in addressing an addiction or other destructive habit.


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