John Greenhow: A Journal of Williamsburg By: Charles Woo

This compass has many names. This compass is called a box compass or a ships compass. This tool is used for navigating which way sailors are going. This was made by the English as they were the ones who first started sailing
Multiple of these poles were in a circle and it is a dancing circle. The exact purpose of this circles is unclear, yet it is most likely for a religious purpose. This was from the Powhatan's village.
Today I popped into the printing press to get my weekly news. It smelled like ink and felt cramped, as the actual printing press took up a lot of the shop so I rushed through as it was almost unbearable. The Printing Press created the news once a week in a 4 page pamphlet. It would then be distributed through Williamsburg. I am a merchant, and I like to read the news to see what is happening around and possibly ask to add a small paragraph of what I recently got in stock from my trips to Philadelphia. To get my news, I would go outside and pick it up from the person handing it out or just pop into the Press like today. Below I have attatched more photos.
Above: This was the printing machine.
Above: The paper used for the news was made of old linens, as paper was hard to make.
This is the Governor's Palace

Today I went to the Governor's Palace. I normally can't come in. But due to my association with Mr. Mensey, I was invited to tour the house. The owner of this house would be the governor. As said above, I am not gentry and would not normally be in this house. However if I need permit as signed, I might wait for someone to sign them.

This room is the pantry. This room is filled with glass containers and such. Yet unlike today, this is where the govener locks his precious silver items so they don't magically disappear with the occurrence of multiple guests.
My favourite part of this house was the displays of weapons. I think that it is really cool to show all of the power the government has by hanging weapons on the wall. This also shows the sheer size of this house, as to fit this many things it needs to be huge. The displays help show the grand details throughout the house, elevating the class of the building.

Over my time at Williamsburg, I have come to learn that it is a very important place that has made a lot of decisions and I thoroughly enjoy living here.

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