Factory system by: lesly pena

The factory system had the greatest impact in the U.S it gave more jobs for people, it produced goods in larger amounts and faster. Also this was a bad thing for children their was child labor and children did not have a child hood.
The factory system occured in the 1800's and it affected children and women. It affected children, parents who worked in factories were paid very little and long hours. So the children began to work, children went to work in stead of going to school or doing things children are supposed to do. This affected the U.S because children would not have a child hood or learn, but this was later made illigal so now this won't occor to children today.
The factory system produced more jobs for people in the 1800's, the factories need a lot of people to work the machines and this created more jobs for people.
The factory system produced goods much faster and in much bigger amount. Since they had a lot of people working for them and more machines they can produce a lot and fast.
This affected the country by having more polution and it let people to stop child labor after a while. This affected west ward expansion because some people disliked the factory system so it encouraged them to move west.


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