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Welcome to My World!!!!!!!

I've played the piano for 6 years, and I started the violin 2 years ago. I have done about 30 concerts and started when I was 6.

I'm obsessed with reading, and I absolutely love the Hunger Games. I love Divergent, and right now I'm into sci-fi, and dystopian.

The key to happiness, is a library, and my family. I have a little brother, and my mom and dad. They keep me smiling, and we have loads of fun together.

I like to learn a lot about anything really. I am a big environmentalist and I am very passionate about environmental issues.

Some of the times I have been really sad is moving from my home is Minneapolis, and moving to Dallas. After a year though we moved to Austin to a lifetime of apartments.

One things that gets me really angry is my little brother. I hate how he always knows what will blow my fuse, and how he teases me.

I am content as long as I am happy. I read a lot so I usually am very content after school when I can curl up with a good book. .

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