Things You Need to Know About airplane physics By: Travis Vandoozer

1. Everyone should have a basic understanding about how airplanes fly. The fundamentals include thrust, drag, lift, and weight.

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2. Thrust is the force that propels the plane forward. Thrust can only be created by an engine and they are usually positioned on the wings of the aircraft. Without thrust, the plane would not go anywhere. The most common engine these days are jet engines but in the early 1900's propeller planes were all they had. the propellers were angled so that when they spin, it pushes the air backwards thus moving the plane forward. If you want to learn more about the engine, click the link below.

3. Lift is probably the most important concept of a plane to understand. Lift is the concept that makes the airplane fly. Lift is created when there is high pressure under the wings and low pressure above the wings. The wings are shaped in such a way that the bottom of the wing is flat while the top is curved. This allows the air to flow smoothly on top of the aircraft which allows the air underneath the plane to basically push against the wings to create high pressure which keeps the plane off the ground. A helicopter rely's mostly on lift

4. Drag force is always opposite to the objects current motion. Drag is also known as air resistance. Air resistance increases as the object moves faster. to make the airplane more aerodynamic, they put a tail fin on the back that has a flap that moves side to side so as the plane is moving through the air, it can veer right or left.

5. The last concept of the airplane is weight. weight is simply gravity. the force pulling us down on Earth. Without gravity, the plane would only need air, thrust and drag to fly.


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