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About Us!

Lunch Run is a student-run lunch delivery service that caters to the staff and student body of the school! Lunch Run will pick up a lunch off campus for you if anything prevents you from doing it yourself. Too much work to do? Lunch Run. Too cold outside? Lunch Run. Forgot your lunch at home? Lunch Run. Don’t want the cafeteria food? Lunch Run.

The main benefit of Lunch Run is the ease of use. Simply call Lunch Run at least one period before you need your food and request a meal from any local restaurant. Although some restaurants do offer delivery services, Lunch Run offers a simpler, cheaper, friendlier alternative to the standard delivery service.

Who do we serve?

Our target market is students and staff of OPRF who want to have off campus lunch, but are unable to for whatever reason. A key part of this market could be teachers who have busy lunch periods, upperclassmen who do not have cars or do not want to deal with going to get food themselves, students who want the whole lunch period to eat and not spend half of it getting their food, and underclassmen who are unable to leave campus for themselves.

Why choose us?

We believe this business will succeed for a number of reasons. High school students want to get better food for lunch, but do not want to deal with the hassle of getting the food. Teachers and staff often get busy during their off periods and oftentimes the cafe does not have the best selection. Lastly, typical delivery is hard to work out for a school and having a delivery service run by students will simplify the whole process and make things much easier, while also keeping costs lower than most standard delivery charges.


$1 per mile up to a 3 miles max (0-1mi - $1; 1-2mi - $2; 2-3mi $3)

What's in it for you?

$10 pledge- Card that gives you 10% off delivery charges for the first month

$25 pledge- 10% off delivery charges for the frist 3 months

$50 pledge- 10% off delivry charges for 6 months

$75+ pledge- 1 school year and punch card buy 5 get 1 free

$100+ $75+ and a Lunch Run T-Shirt

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