A Journal and Painting

There can be no denying the way Florida's fresh water drainage has long passed the historical and ecological flows. During 2014's huge rains, this became ever more apparent. The releases from Lake Okechobee assaulted both coasts. Finally people began to take notice and force action.

Ed has a long history on the west coast of Florida and began to take notes. Some of his long time fishing buddies became involved with Captains For Clean Water, and the conversations turned directed. Ed's notes became one of his signature journals and Patagonia took notice.

The well-known outdoor company asked Ed to be featured in their booth during the world's largest fishing trade show. While there, he completed the 5 ft. long "Florida Tarpon". Limited prints of the piece will benefit Captains For Clean Water, Keep Em Wet, Bullsugar.org and Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.

The Florida Everglades.
Florida Tarpon. Acrylic and ink on canvas.


Created with images by USGS Landsat - "Everglades & Big Cypress" • skeeze - "swamp trees cypress" • skeeze - "great blue heron bird portrait"© Ed Anderson Art 2017

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