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The World Health Organization estimates that between 65 to 80 percent of the world’s population (over 4 billion people) rely on alternative medicine as their primary form of health care compared to only 10 to 30 percent of people who use conventional medicine

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In Relation to Cancer

Cancer is caused by Lifestyle factors or Environmental exposure. Cancer can be passed down by family if they had history of Cancer and exposure to specific cancer-causing substances like ultra-violet (UV) radiation from the sun, tobacco and smoke

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7.2 to 7.5 million people die from cancer each year, over 1,500 people die per day. It is know to be the biggest cause of death behind heart disease

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Chemotherapy is not able to tell the difference between cancerous cells and healthy cells

Many side effects: dizziness, skin discoloration, audio-visual impairment, nausea, diarrhea, loss of hair, loss of appetite, loss of white blood cells, permanent organ damage, organ failure, internal bleeding, tissue loss

81% of doctors would choose not to use chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer in themselves or a loved one

Alternative Medicine

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Homeopathy is used to treat the body as a whole. Depending on the type of cancer, a patient is examined and given a holistic treatment that has been known to heal or help with the effects of cancer

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In the world of homeopathic treatments, it is widely understood that different treatments benefit different times of cancer. For example, Fluoride of Lime, is often used in the treatment of breast cancer. Condurango is also a common natural cure that is used to treat patients with stomach cancer. Both of these are not only naturally occurring, but also are proven to significantly reduce the size of tumors. A vegan diet has also been proven to help reduce the chance of cancer.

Cannabis Oil

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Perhaps the most controversial cancer treatment on the market comes from the marijuana plant. Cannabinoids, the active chemicals in cannabis are known to treat nausea and discomfort in patients that use chemo and radiation treatments. This "miracle drug" has many other healing properties such as helping with pain/inflammation, treatment of seizures, promoting cardiovascular health, lung health, and many more.

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