Hatred For The State By Blunt Force Trauma

Hatred For The State

2009 | Punk

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“Hatred for the state like an order that's imbedded in my head. -- From corrupted local cronies to the governor and even to the fed. -- The thought of revolution and rebellion has become my daily bread. -- I'll never stop untill the fire of insurrection catches and it spreads!”


  • Blunt Force Trauma are a hardcore band out of Austin, TX.
  • Former Dirty Rotten Imbeciles drummer Felix Griffin has been a member since 2007.
  • Despite being 11 tracks long atred For The State is still listed as an EP. (Only in punk.)


Luke Tatum

Mmm, tastes like Slayer. "Every hour I'm awake, I pray for change, it always stayes the same." I hear you, man. Never a day goes by without reason to despite the criminal rulership of mankind. There's nothing terribly clever about this song, but it makes up for a lack of poetry with a heaping helping of rage! As I've said on several songs before, we could all use a bit more of this attitude: "I'll never stop until the fire of insurrection catches and it spreads!"

Sherry Voluntary

This raging punk song is a really great one to get out some of that pent up anger that I think all of us feel at times towards The State that does so many treacherous things. The thing is, the subject in the song seems to be a bit obsessed with it. I hate The State, but I also want to enjoy my life. It’s easy to be consumed by all the bad stuff, but we still deserve to have as much happiness as we can. Life is about more than libertarianism and while we continue to push for our objective, we can still live life to the fullest. Gotta be in it for the long haul. Don’t burn out too fast.

Nicky P

Sometimes you don't wanna wax poetic. Sometimes you want a simple message distilled into a gutteral primal call simple enough for a child to grasp the message. This song is that song. There is no beating around the bush, the state deserves only unending vitriol. This might as well be the national anthem of anarchists everywhere. A banner to bicker and fight under because unity is statist shit. Maybe that's overly simplifying thimgs in the real world because thanks to cronyism the line between company and state gets blurry. But whatever you find to be a part of the state...they got hatred for it.

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Nicky P

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