God Bless This! My Life As An Introvert

This shows the story of my introversity. Not many people I know are introversive because they love to be social. The introversivest person I know is my friends: Berto, Satoshi, Edison and Henry . Berto is a basic ambivert. He has friends, but he spends weekends visiting his mother and staying at home. Satoshi is the same, but he plays soccer and his parents are not divorced. Edison and Henry are like Satoshi. When Edison and Henry come, the spend 99% of the time playing on their 3DS or tablet.

Why is it that I like being alone all the time? Well, I am an introvert. There are two types of people: introverts and extroverts. Extroverts love people, while introvert prefer being in solitude.

People are like this, such as Steve Wozniak. He worked at Hewlett Packard. He made the first Apple computer all alone. He says that artists work alone the best, which I agree with. What I don’t really agree with, but respect, is that no committee nor team did anything revolutionary. Japanese people did many revolutionary things, like the NES.

Social interactions are like torture for an introvert, but parties are HELL!!! You see, introverts dislike social interaction. I am one of those. At first, I pretty much liked parties. I danced and met with girls. Nowadays, I would bring something to entertain myself like in the second 6th grade party (In the first one I danced and talked with girls) or would just look around for a minute and then leave. I think the most tiring moment for me was this stupid, seizure inducing, really awful Die Antwoord concert (sorry.)

I think my parents dislike the fact that I am an introvert. They always want me talking and in group conversations. I am most comfortable with one on one conversing. They also think I am “isolated” when I am alone. What is up with me liking solitude?!?!?!?!

Life as an introvert is not easy. Especially if you are short tempered like a General. If you are an introvert, you might agree.

I never knew I was an introvert or what it meant until I saw this on AsapSCIENCE. I knew I was an introvert and thought this way, I would become amazing. But, with my ambivert parents and extrovert world, it is tough.

Other than my parents, I have two other heroes: Bill Gates and Susan Cain. Susan Cain is an introvert, who made Quiet Revolution. Watch this TED Talk to learn more!

While browsing the web, I came across a webcomic series known as Introvert Doodles, revolving around Marzi, an introvert, and her life in a world full of extroverts. Check them out at http://introvertdoodles.com/

This shows me and how I think of my life as an introvert I think introversion is not something to cure. It is great and a lot easier to live as. Thank you for reading. Now please. Leave me alone.

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