This decade...

Our customers used 17,905,544 reusable bags.

We cut down on plastic- 2010- MOM’s banned plastic bottled water, started using compostable produce bags, compostable cups and utensils in all of our stores 2013- started selling compostable reusable bags

We expanded our solar portfolio: 2013- MOM’s Waldorf rooftop solar panels 2016- MOM’s built a local Solar Farm in Kingsville, MD 2017- MOM’s White Marsh rooftop solar panels 2019- MOM’s College Park solar canopies

51 employees have worked with us for the entire decade and 12 of them have been at MOM’s for over 15 years!

2014- Started our Save the Dandelions Campaign to spread awareness of the toxic pesticides and herbicides used in conventional lawn care.

We offset the round trips of 35,458,529 customers traveling to our stores. That's equivalent to taking 3 million passenger vehicles off the road for 1 year.

We gave 112 electric/hybrid car subsidies to our employees totalling $378,000.

2019- MOM’s was named #14 in EPA’s Green Power Partnership Top 30 List!

MOM’s started working exclusively with Equal Exchange on Organic Fair Trade Bananas in 2011 from Ecuador and Peru. In the last 3 years, Equal Exchange has expanded their business to include Fair Trade Avocados grown in Mexico and Peru, adding to the social and environmental impact of working directly with small growers.

We have grown- 1,000+ more employees and 15 more stores!