Co. F.A.B Lab 10 X 10 SERIES Collaboration Fabrication and Business Lab, TAFE NSW

The Co F.A.B. Lab 10X10 Series engages the community and industry on Hot Topics of interest that will enable stronger and more robust economies and sustainable growth, which is driven by Design Thinking and Principles of Circular Economy.

Co. F.A.B Lab has invited guests to panel these 10x10 Series from local, national, and international communities involving industry, education, and Governments. Students are welcome to attend and have access to cutting-edge insights and ideas from leading practitioners.

The Co F.A.B. Lab's goal is to find clarity, to navigate ambiguity, and create sustainable systems that move with the nature of business through the use of techniques and tools of Design Thinking. With a focus on Human-Centred outcomes and an empathically understanding of the end-users needs.

The results are consistently ambitious, inspirational, bold, surprising, creative – and always collaborative.

It’s a new way of creatively exploring new outcomes and opportunities that are focused on user needs.

10x10 Series

Series 1. What is Industry 0.4?

The Co F.A.B. Lab series opened the dialogue on the topic of Industry4.0. Regardless of your belief in the contrasting frameworks of discontinuity or continuity being central to the evolution of technology, we are now in this new world of Industry 4.0. It is a world that involves more than advanced manufacturing, digital transformation, but rather stretches out to encompass all parts of our lives.

Series 2. What is Design Thinking?

The Co F.A.B. Lab series opened the dialogue on the topic of Design Thinking. This series explored why a business needs Design Thinking, what Design Thinking is and how Design Thinking can be used

Guest Speakers: Andrew Carroll, Managing Director of Cold Forge; Dr. Susan Stewart, UTS, Design Innovation Research Center DesignSchool, Faculty of DAB; Linda Naiman, Creativity at Work, Vancouver Canada; Dr. George Verghese, Head of Skills Team, Creative & Design Ideation, TAFE NSW.

Series 3. What is a Circular Economy?

"The only way to predict the future is to invent it”

Alan Kay at PARC (1971)

For more information on Design Thinking courses and Project consultation contact Fiona Lloyd, Manager of the Co F.A.B Lab on fiona.lloyd10@tafensw.edu.au


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