Sherman County, Kansas By: Miya Fletcher

Landmarks and Bulidings

  • Giant Van Gogh Painting in Goodland, Kansas 80ft easel; 24x32ft
  • T.P. Leonard Building in Goodland, Kansas
  • The centennial building in Goodland, Kansas
  • Goodland Town Company Building
  • First public building in Kanorado, KS; built December 2nd, 1911

Cities and Towns

  • Kanorado-157
  • Goodland-4,554
  • State line Township-253
  • LoganTownship-222

Major Events

  • First airport in Goodland, KS-1966
  • Dust Bowl went through Sherman County
  • William Purvis & Charels Wilson built a flying machine (helicopter)

Common Jobs

  • Sales/Office- 23.52
  • Management/Business- 15.52
  • Construction- 12.02

Who was the County Named After?

General William T. Sherman (scorched-earth tactics for the civil war)


  • Barney McCluskey: helped organize Sherman County along with 11 other people
  • Julius H. Stewart: Civil War veteran and appointed the Methodist Minister in Sherman County, 1887
  • Alice Steele Graham: graduated from Goodland High School and immediately started teaching at 4 rural schools

Ashley Mannis: County Clerk

Burton Pianalto- Sherman County Sheriff

Interesting Facts:

  • The original courthouse was destroyed by a fire and rebuilt in 1931
  • Sherman County economy is largely based on agriculture
  • Every year the governor holds a hunting contest called the Ringneck Classic

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