Havana Cuba 2017 by Jürgen Vogt

Pool Man
Night Life
Closing the Pharmacy for the night
Late Night TV
Emelio with his homemade cane and Michael with his pet dove.
Pablo Rocaval a used book seller, a Street Photographer and a woman with a cake.
Happy Girl
Musicians at the Calle Jon De Hamel
Sunday gathering at the Calle Jon De Hamel.

The Calle Jon De Hamel is between Aramburu and Hospital streets in Centro Havana. Over the years it has become a shrine to Afro-Cuban religions through the art created by Salvador González. The buildings are lined with brightly-colored paintings, murals, sculptures and objects, which depict rituals and deities. Also, rumba, rap and reggae groups play here every Sunday.

Sleeping on the job.
New paint for an old car.
Posing for the camera.
Santeria preparations.
The most colourful corner in the district of Regla, Havana.
Door and Window
Connecting to in Havana.
Hat on a stick.

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Created By
Jürgen Vogt


Jürgen Vogt Photography

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