Jenkins Family Christmas Card December 2016

We hope this letter finds you and your family in good health and spirits. We're moving from the more traditional Christmas card to an online version since it is less expensive, easier to share, and, in my opinion, "fancier" :). Here are some of the highlights of our year.

Sarah graduated High School with Honors and began attending Judson University where she is an English Education Major. She just finished her first semester and it appears, although grades aren't posted that she will have straight As. We couldn't be prouder of her. Her favorite class this semester was Old Testament because she had an amazing professor.

Despite her busy schedule and introverted nature, she has really loved being at Judson and has adapted well to living away from home and in the dorms. She brought home an international student from Saipan over Thanksgiving. It was great having Iris here.

This year has meant a lot of change for Ben, too. For one, he's an only child at home. He's also become very involved in a new youth group. The sophomore boys small group is super tight, which is awesome. He's investing in some great friendships.

Ben is a good student and has taken on his first AP class this year in addition to his honors classes. He is thinking about (SMILEY FACE) being a math teacher. He'd like to teach and coach.

The basketball season went into full swing during Thanksgiving break. When considering his school workload and commitments at church, basketball season is VERY busy time for Ben J. But he seems to be managing it well.

Laura, to the say the least, has made a lot of big changes this year. She has transitioned roles at work and has moved from the classroom to an Instructional Coach working to advocate for and support teachers in the classroom. As part of her job, she was sent to training in San Antonio, TX. Despite her fear of flying, the trip was definitely worth it! She was able to hear about educational innovations happening in the US and see beautiful San Antonio. Forgive the goofy smile on the upper left picture--that's her VERY CLOSE to the Alamo!!

The woman on the lower left is someone you may know if you are a Conant Cougar. She ran into Mrs. Ligmanowski, the teacher who first inspired her to teach at a restaurant in Huntley.

Laura still works with the Math Team at school and has finally figured out how to use SnapChat filters, though she uses them rarely. #oldpeoplegoals

Dave has been busy at work and home. At work, they rolled out a 1:1 initiative at the middle schools (that is 1 Chrome Book device to 1 student). That comes with many challenges including organizing how to distribute devices, teaching students to use them appropriately and also, providing the infrastructure to support the use of that many devices. He has a strong team, and it went very well.

At home, he spends a great deal of time being the Best Dad Ever! He cleaned up the basement to make it Ben's man cave where the youth group kids can hang out. In the basement there is now a ping pong table, which they use nightly. He spends a great deal of time carting Ben around to practice, youth group and games. (Luckily, he won't have to do that much longer since Ben will be getting his license in June!) He also made an emergency run to Judson at 2 am to pick up a girl with the stomach flu. Do you see what I'm saying?

Dave's also embarked on several projects this year. First, he made it his mission in life to find cheap (if not free) Goalrilla basketball hoops for friends. He helped to refurbish and mount them. There were a few months where he did this most of the weekends. He also painted the trim and doors of most of first floor and mended our picket fence.


We had a GREAT family vacation this summer! We spent the week in a cabin in Eagle River, Wisconsin with Laura's Mom, Dad, sister Meredith, brother-in-law Ryan, and their kiddos. We went fishing, tubing, horseback riding, swimming, and played a ton of games, including cards, Yahtzee and Sudoku. It was such a nice getaway.

This King has authority without question, yet. He was the most humble of all. He felt no need to come in a demonstration of earthly might. Rather, He came to earth in the form of the most vulnerable of all, a little babe. I love the words of Psalm 72 where earthly kings are pictured bowing down before him, eating dust and clamoring to bring him gifts. Yet, his eyes are on the poor and needy, whom He saves; and the oppressed, whom He redeems. I trust in His goodness. He redeems my life from the pit. So grateful this Christmas. I wishing that hope for you as well this Christmas.

All our Love,

Dave, Laura, Sarah & Ben Jenkins


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