If you liked the fault in our stars try paper towns

If you liked the fault in our stars by john green you would like paper towns. Not only is it by the same author, but it also has the mellow dramatic, teen love story. If has a great description of the characters, and it has an exciting plot. In the fault in our stars there is a girl and a boy who fall in love. In paper towns Q has loves Margot Roth spigelman since they were kids. Margot wants adventure and excitement, and Q just wants to go to college and have a 'normal life'. The characters are some what relatable which makes it a good read. I would recommend it to anyone who like teen love story's, or books about finding yourself.


Created with images by James St. John - "Diploria strigosa fossil symmetrical brain coral (Cockburn Town Member, Grotto Beach Formation, Upper Pleistocene, 114-127 ka; Cockburn Town Fossil Reef, San Salvador Island, Bahamas) 2"

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