Fly High by I.A. Designs

The Motivational Set

at $23.90

Fly High

Everyone needs a little motivation once in awhile. That surge of positive energy to get through the toughest obstacles. And that is the reason we created the "Fly High" - The Motivational Gift for the ones you love. For the ones you know are facing their hardest challenges. What is inside our "Fly High" gift set?

Fly High A5 Notebook with Motivational Quotes on each page
  • 1 Fly High A5 Notebook (Motivational Quotes at the bottom of every page)
  • 1 Black Pouch
  • 1 Motivational Pen, "Believe in Yourself"
  • 1 Motivational Pen, "Don't Give Up"
  • Assorted Paper Clips

Price: $15.90

Keep your memories in journal. #memojou. To order any of the sets, please visit us at our IG here or FB here.

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