HRM in Agribusiness ZAB 102

Stephen Ives | Workplace Responsibilities | 2.40 mins

Work Health & Safety | 26 secs

Refer to the following sites:

Safe Work Australia Website

Safe Work Australia YouTube Channel

Tasmania Regulators

Worksafe Tasmanian Government

Reflect on these in your ePortfolio, specifically your learning plan. Focus on opportunities to improve your understanding of this topic

Introducing Brett Davey, a WHS officer at Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) based up at Mt Pleasant Research Laboratories in Launceston. Brett has been with the institute for 15 years and has seen many changes in the work place over that time, particularly around safe work procedures or practices (SWP). The institute have laboratories, offices and a number of commercial farms, and so to ensure that the University stays on the front foot regarding maintaining a safe work place, implementing SWP’s and getting employees signed off on using equipment has been paramount.

Question: Describe in what state was the workplace with regard to WHS compliance before you started implementing new practices? | 44 secs

Question: Why was it so important to implement WHS, and what challenges did you face in implementing WHS policies and protocols? | 48 secs

Question: How long has it taken to move from a non-compliance workplace to a compliant workplace? | 47 secs

Question: How did people’s attitudes vary towards WHS compliance between the workplace offices, laboratories and farms?| 1:12 mins

Question: What do you see have been the cost benefits of becoming WHS compliant? | 41 secs

Fairness and Respect | 1:01 mins

Every employee deserves to be treated fairly and have a certain level of job security – don’t they? But what happens when the business is exposed to external pressures. How does an employer ensure that employees are treated fairly in a dynamic business environment?

For casual employees, this can be a real problem, particularly if they have regular financial commitments. Enterprise agreements can be a way of making sure that conditions of employment are agreed by both parties, and in particular, what happens in this sort of situation.

Equity and Diversity | 58 secs

I’d like to introduce Angela Merry, a research fellow with the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture. Angela’s story is not unfamiliar in a place like Tasmania.

Question: Describe any gender based challenges that have had to face in your current work situation? | 1:02 mins

Question: How have you found these challenges with the field work component of your job? | 32 secs

Question: What impact does the seasonality of Tasmanian Agriculture have on your family given that your partner works as an Agronomist? | 40 secs

Question: How do you manage this seasonal pressure on your family life? | 41 secs

Reflect | 1:01 Secs

HRM and Business Success | 3:03 mins


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