Energy in Collisions By Vardaan

Types of energy
This car has kinetic energy

A type of energy is kinetic energy (energy in motion). When the car is moving, it has kinetic energy.

Another type of energy is potential energy (stored energy). When the car is at the top of the ramp, it has potential energy.

A third type is sound energy (the noise you hear). When the car collides with the wall, some energy is turned into sound energy.

Energy Transfer
Energy transferring car collision (more about this below)

In a collision, energy transfers from one object to the next, and so on. In the picture above, energy is transferring from the red car to the blue. In class (during our tests) Car 1, which was at the top of the ramp, collided with Car 2, which was at the bottom of the ramp, and sent it up the other ramp.

That's a lot of weight!

Weight affects collisions because the more the weight the faster the car. In class, (during the tests) Car 1 went so fast that it actually flipped when it collided.

Our car
Buckle Up!

Our car had a lot of modifications. One was walls. The walls protect our egg. Another was a seat belt. The seat belt stops the egg from rolling around. The third one is bumpers. The bumpers stopped our car from wrecking.


In our result, the bumpers and other things really helped. The egg didn't crack. Click the button to see the proof.

Improvements for next time

I don't think we should change anything because our egg didn't crack. Well, we tried to use a rubber band as our seat belt. It was too small. I think we could have used a bigger rubber band. That way we could have actually used the seat belt.

Also, the wall wasn't covering everything. There were a few holes (It's a different story that that's what we put our egg in when the seat belt didn't work). If there was a way to cover them, we should have done it (although maybe our egg wouldn't stay safe).


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