november 2016

Volume 1, Number 8

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

A camera, like a guitar, is just a box with a hole in it. Until it is placed in the hands of a true artist, it will not make a music, only noise—Tim Mantoani
Terri Thompson

From the office of the president

November is here so let us talk about the upcoming Darkroomers election of officers. The first part of our November 30th meeting we will be nominating officers to the club's Board of Directors to serve in 2017. A description of each office and the responsibilities can be found on our website and most of 2016's Board is willing to serve another year but all officers must be nominated whether the officer is running for re-election or not.

Sitting on the Board of Directors is just one way you can give back to the club. All it takes is a one-year commitment and you will be glad you did it. I have been asked by members about some other ways they can give back to the club. Here are some examples:

Sign-up for Photographic Arts Building (PAB) hosting; sign up to bring refreshments; sign up to clean the building, serve a committee, serve on SCACC's board of directors.

SCACC member clubs share the responsibility of hosting the Photographic Arts Building throughout the year when the building's galleries are open to the public. This is a terrific opportunity to engage the public and talk about the club to folks who literally walk in off the street. Darkroomers needs about 6 volunteers a month to fulfill this obligation and, based on our current membership, each member should count on hosting 2-3 times a year--provided all members participate. Look for the 2017-18 sign-up sheet in February.

Another way to contribute to the club is by bringing refreshments to a meeting. In 2017, all members should expect to bring snacks about twice a year but some members do it more often. Look for the 2017 refreshments sign-ups in January.

Serving on a Committee a great way to share your ideas and get involved. Decisions made in committee have a direct effect on club members or processes. This is where you put-up or shut-up. We have several committees which are appointed when necessary: Year End Competition Rules Committee, Programming Committee, etc... Listen up for when we call for committee volunteers at regular club meetings, in e-mail or in the newsletter. We are currently looking for volunteers to sit on the 2017 programming committee. More details can be found later in this newsletter. If you are interested see Jeff or myself.

SCACC meets the first Tuesday of the odd numbered months at 7pm in the Photographic Arts Building. Attending a SCACC meeting and serving on SCACC's Board of Directors is another great way you can give back to Darkroomers. Your representation on the SCACC Board amplifies Darkroomers voice and helps the club get much needed building resources.


I want to encourage you to think about how you can be involved in the club and help make a difference. If you have any questions about the club, the Board of Directors or volunteerism, please free to ask me or any of the other club officers.



just keep walking

Darkroomers hosts two major Photowalks each year: the 500px photowalk and the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk. The 500px walk was already on the books by around mid-September so October was spent wrapping up the Kelby walk.

Despite a police protest in the Park and heavy traffic from the Markers Fair, we had nearly 50 people show up for our annual Scott Kelby Photowalk. We had a special arrangement to with a couple of Light Saber groups to come perform for us and Kim Tiffany gave us a Pixel Stick exhibition that was, unbelievable. Seriously.

Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk with Darkroomers


bring out your dead

Darkroomers has On Location shoots on the odd months during the year but, this year, our November On Location shoot fell in October because Halloween fell on a Monday. So, The Darkroomers were in Old Town on October 29th for the annual Dia de los Muertos festival.

It was a warm Saturday afternoon in Old Town but, as usual, the spectacle was unprecedented. Drema even came out to enjoy the festivities so you know it was good. We had folks from Meetup and Facebook who joined us plus a surprise visit from our newest member--Ruth Foelber. Best of all, though, none of the photographers in attendance were confused...

Dia de los Muertos -- Old Town



The Darkroomers Program Calendar for the 2016 membership year is nearly finished. We still have regular scheduled presentations for November and December and some smaller program outings but our next major programming event will be the Year End Program in January. Our next Weekend Workshop Series Workshop is scheduled for February 2017.


The 2017 Programming Committee is forming now and will be planning the programs calendar for next year. If you would like to participate then send Jeff a note. You will be helping to shape next year's programs which include:

  • Weekend Workshops
  • On Location Shoots
  • Monthly Presentations
  • Quarterly Competitions


eye of the tiger

Malayan Tiger by Richard Strobel

We do have a couple of small outings left this year and, on December 10th, Darkroomers are on Safari so we are heading to the Safari Park. This is a Saturday morning event that will finish out the year and will be our Holiday Extravaganza Event. The festivities begin bright and early--we meet at 8:45am at the gate. We will be coordinating rideshare options, guest passes, parking and lunch at the November 16th meeting.


Underwater Photography expert, Lee Peterson, will be stopping by at our November 2nd meeting to talk about Underwater Photography. Lee will be talking about gear, setups and techniques plus showing a ton of his brilliant work. He even has a book on underwater photography that he will be talking about.



The Year End Program is in full swing and is coming up fast so start thinking about which images you want to enter for the competition. Remember the rules change this year ratchets down the number of entries per member from fifteen down to ten so you will want to enter your very best work; you also have the affordability of reprinting images--making minor edits considering the judges feedback for the first time ever.

key dates

  • December 1st -- Call for Entries
  • December 31st -- Last day to Enter
  • January 4th -- Print submission Entry Date
  • January 14th -- Year End Competition
  • January 25th -- Year End Awards Ceremony and Dinner



The year end program takes about 9 people to run so we need a considerable amount of people to help run the program. We also are cleaning the building the morning of the event so we need a crew to come clean the building to make it look good for the judges.

  • 9am Cleaning Crew Arrives to clean the building. Donuts and Coffee are provided. We need 5 volunteers to help clean.
  • 11am Year end Crew Briefing.
  • 12pm Welcome reception for judges. Drinks and a lunch platter is provided for the crew and judges
  • 1-4pm Year end competition


positions to fill

  • 2 Curators (the guys that wear the white gloves to show the work)
  • 1 Technical Scorer (the guy that reads back the score from entered by the judges into the computer)
  • 2 Scorekeepers - 2 people write down the score for each entry
  • 1 Referee - someone who oversees the event and challenges any discrepancies in the scoring.
  • 1 Runner
  • 1 Scoring Assistant
  • 1 Score Reviewer

If you are interested in manning a post for the year-end competition then see Jeff otherwise you may get drafted into service.



The categories this year for the year-end competition have some new additions added to its stable of categories for competition.

  • Landscape -- see Drema if you need more information...
  • Seascapes -- must clearly be sea or ocean themed; lakes, streams, waterfalls, creeks rivers are not seascapes unless they flow into a sea or ocean.
  • Monochrome -- in other words, the stuff mentioned in the first section of this newsletter...
  • Insects & Wildlife -- this used to be called nature
  • People (Studio Indoor) -- studio indoor portrait model
  • People (Studio Outdoor) -- studio outdoor portrait model
  • People (Other) -- street photography, action, sports
  • Other -- composites, still-life, photo-manipulations, abstracts, astrophotography, macrophotography, and anything else that doesn't fit in the other 7 categories listed above.


club news

The Board of Directors had their final meeting for the 2016 membership year to discuss what we should do about the dues for 2017 and the board decided to keep the dues at $45 for another year.


Hail to the chief

November is when we call for nominations for club officers so October is a good time to get to know your clubmates and start thinking about who you would like to lead the club into the 21st century--or lead us into 2018 anyway. The call for nominations will be on Wednesday, November 30th, 2016. This is a 5th Wednesday meeting. It is also a quarterly competition night.


current club officers

  • President: Terri Thompson
  • Vice-President: Jeffry Booher
  • Treasurer: Drema Swader
  • Secretary: Nancy Varga
  • Program Chair: Jeffry Booher
  • Newsletter Editor: Jeffry Booher
  • Webmaster: Jeffry Booher
  • Recruitment Chair: Antonio Croft
  • Meeting Room Display Chair: Michael Fairbanks
  • Interclub Competition Chair: Drema Swader

If you are interested in one of these offices then get a fellow club member to nominate you.


recess appointments

Terri Thompson and Antonio Croft are resigning their posts at the end of the 2016 membership year so we need nominees to fill their offices for 2017. If there is someone you would like to nominate then bring their name forward at the November 30th meeting. As many of you already know, Michael Fairbanks is retiring to the tropical paradise of Buffalo, New York later in the year. His office will be appointed by the next president when he retires.


Membership Applications and dues for the 2017 membership year will be accepted starting at the November 2nd meeting. For those members who wish to serve on the Board of Directors, dues must be paid on or before the December 7th meeting or your name will be withdrawn.


Tales from the SCRIPT

Two photos submitted by Darkroomer, Dick Hodgman, to the North County Photographic Society's 2016 Members' Show won recognition: Bonobo won Nature - 3rd Place and Osprey won Nature - Honorable Mention. Both photos also received nods in Darkroomers 2015 Year End Competition.

Dick Hodgman
image critique is one of the most valuable things a Darkroomers membership provides
Bonobo and Osprey

Dick notes that his image, Osprey, was refused the first time it was entered into exhibition at Darkroomers but he took the critique to heart, reworked it and made it into an award winning image. Congratulations Dick!



New gallery lighting has been installed throughout and it looks tremendous! Just a valiant effort by SCACC and special thanks to Les Anderson, Mary Anderson and Dave Poplawski for making it happen! As a result, new track was added to extend the lighting to cover areas that had previously not been lit and moved outside of the fans to reduce the strobe effect in the Darkroomers gallery.

The new look of SCACC
Out with the old...


Demolition is set to begin to the backroom to remove the asbestos flooring on Tuesday, November 1st--at which time the bathrooms may be inaccessible. The nearest bathrooms open at night are in the Prado. This is just in time for our November 2nd meeting. Remediation is scheduled to be completed around November 19th so hopefully the inconvenience will be kept to a minimum.

The contractors will be moving through the building, remediating the flooring, but the schedule and process has yet to be determined.


The SCACC Board of Directors met in October and approved a spending measure to replace all of the fixtures in the bathrooms, including a new vanity. No timeline was given on when the fixtures will be installed.



The next Interclub Competition will be held on November 15th at 7:30pm in the Photographic Arts Building. This will be the last competition for the year so this is our last chance to get some winning photos in and bring home the points.

We still have a shot at second place!


point Standings

  1. Poly Photo: 1863 Points
  2. Photonaturalists: 1817 Points
  3. Darkroomers: 1794 Points
  4. Fallbrook: 1750 Points



Checkout the new at-a-glance video for a quick overview what's coming up next month and come back and bookmark our programs calendar so you can easily get to the our upcoming programs at a glance on your mobile device or desktop.




This quarter's competition brought in the largest crowd that we had ever seen. Many of our visitors came from the 500px and Kelby walks but most of our visitors had images that were showing in our walk exhibition. 8 members submitted 13 images--5 of which were Monochrome. There were 32 guests in attendance and 29 ballots were counted.


The theme for the quarter was Anguish and some folks found it rather difficult to find subject matter that was, well, anguishing.

Congratulations to our 1st Place Winning Entries

Congratulations to all of those who participated! The winning entries galleries are on the website along with the scores and standings. The theme for our next quarterly competition is Warm and will take place on Wednesday, November 30th at 7:30pm.



Our current standings for the quarterly have Angie hanging on to 1st place in Color just by a thread but Jeff has Monochrome pretty well locked up heading into the final competition of the year.



manicured horizons

Our November 30th program will also be screening the documentary: Manufactured Landscapes, the striking new documentary on the world and work of renowned artist Edward Burtynsky. Internationally acclaimed for his large-scale photographs of manufactured landscapes—quarries, recycling yards, factories, mines and dams—Burtynsky creates stunningly beautiful art from civilization’s materials and debris. The film follows him through China, as he shoots the evidence and effects of that country’s massive industrial revolution. With breathtaking sequences, such as the opening tracking shot through an almost endless factory, the filmmakers also extend the narratives of Burtynsky’s photographs, allowing us to meditate on our impact on the planet and witness both the epicenters of industrial endeavor and the dumping grounds of its waste.

  • Best Documentary Feature - Toronto Film Critics Association
  • Best Canadian Feature - Toronto Film Critics Association
  • Best Canadian Feature - Toronto Film Festival
  • Best Documentary - Genie Awards



N. David King

Our Judge for November is San Diego City College Associate Professor of PhotographyDavid King. David has been a commercial photographer since 1969 specializing in product shots and editorial portraiture. He also is a writer/producer/director of industrial and training video production. Currently he is an Associate Professor of Photography at San Diego City College and a presenter of seminars and workshops on photography and creativity.

I am just a simple country boy with some interesting experiences...

In addition to specific photo and digital photo related topics such as HDR, Macro, Panoramas and Mosaics, etc. he also speaks on more general topics such as Creativity, Becoming a Black Belt Photographer, and The Photo tips of Leonardo da Vinci.



in memoriam

Tim Mantoani

As many of you are aware, our Judge for September and beloved friend, Tim Mantoani, passed away just days after judging for us at the Darkroomers. His judging appearance was the first thing he had done publicly in some time and will be a lasting memory for the club.

The family is holding a Celebration of Life at the Spreckels Organ Pavilion on Saturday November 5th from 11am-12:30pm followed by an Open House Reception at Tim and Marshall's studio in Morena/Bay Park.


stand out: los angeles

Photographing Men with Jeff Rojas

If you are not doing anything and do not mind LA traffic then Stand Out: LA may be for you. Eleven hours. Seven Speakers. Sixty-nine dollars. Tuesday, November 15; 9:00am – 8:00pm


goody 2 shoes


San Diego does not have a Sammy's Camera Store so when there is a Sammy's School of Photography event in San Diego it is big news.

Come develop your knowledge of the three C’s: color, composition and close-up. Hernan Godoy, an accomplished and award-winning photographer will help you hone your artistic senses along with teaching techniques such as depth-of-field, macro photography, exposure, etc. in a fun and easy-to-grasp style. The day will start at this wonderful setting with vibrant colors where Hernan will demonstrate techniques to be practiced throughout the field trip. The Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum is an unforgettable place rich with textures, colors, relics, abandoned vehicles and expansive landscapes.

Gas & Steam Engine Museum Vista, CA. November 19; 8am - 1pm; Seventy-Five



Joyce Tenneson - A Life in Photography

Join MOPA for a unique evening with Joyce Tenneson as she shares a retrospective of her forty-year career in photography. The artist will show images from her book A Life in Photography, provide behind-the-scenes insight into her multi-faceted career, and speak to her creative process and signature “intimate portrait” style. Attendees will also get a peek at Tenneson’s never-before-seen 20x24 Polaroid prints. And be sure to join us before the conversation for Joyce's book signing!

Friday, November 4; Museum of Photographic Arts; Free



Adobe MAX: the creativity conference

The world’s premier creativity conference, MAX is an awe-inspiring mashup of over 9,000 of the world’s top creatives and best-in-the business experts who come together to learn, share, create, connect and play. Come to MAX to dive deep into the Adobe Creative Cloud, see what creative visionaries are doing, and learn how to take your career where you want it to go. In just a few days you’ll change the way you work, imagine and create.

"Sneaks"; 2015 Adobe Max--Los Angeles

November 2nd-November 4th; San Diego Convention Center; $1595 (Student $299/NPO $995); You can stream each day's keynote session live for free.



Foam Glow Huston 2015

Foam Glow 5K™ is a fun filled experience exposing runners to Glowing Foam and a ton of Blacklights all over the course. Glowing runners come from all different ages, shapes, sizes, and speeds. Whether you are a long term runner or a walk around the park stroller, the 3 miles of the Foam Glow 5K™ course will have you shining bright and waiting for the next run.

November 12th; Sleep Train Amphitheatre; Chula Vista; $20/$40 for VIP


Staged just before the U.S. presidential election, Art San Diego, taking place on November 3rd and running through November 6th at the Balboa Park Activity Center, will exhibit two of their highly anticipated Art Lab projects with a focus on issues of immigration, deportation, and racial violence. This year will be the third public installation of the Open Walls Project, an Art Lab in partnership with OUTFRONT Media, to engage leading contemporary artists in transforming commercial billboards and community spaces throughout Downtown San Diego into works of public art. The second Art Lab, titled Heroic Procession, is a collaborative exploration of migration and movement through visual art, dance, and sound that includes Tijuana visual artist Hugo Crosthwaite, violinist Marilu Salinas, and Japanese Butoh dancer Theresa Magario.

This year’s curatorial theme is THRESHOLD—standing at the precipice of what’s yet to come; perched on the brink of something extraordinary, expansive, and ever evolving

Marcos Ramírez ERRE and Ann Berchtold have curated this year’s selection of artists for the Open Walls Project. This city-wide Art Lab will feature works by a range of internationally collected artists, including Marcos Ramírez ERRE, Sam Durant, Rigo23, Andrea Bowers, and Daniel Guzman. All of the chosen artists incorporate social activism in their work and portray contemporary political issues such as deportation, immigration, and police brutality. Ten billboards total will be created by the five artists. Three works will go up on Oct. 17 and seven additional works will go up on Oct. 31. All billboards will be up for the duration of one month. Billboard locations will span from the Tijuana/San Isidro border up throughout downtown and North Park. The project will culminate with the last billboard, by artist Andrea Bowers, being unveiled at Art San Diego during the Opening Night Preview Party on Thursday, November 3 at 7:30 p.m.

Dare to Dream by Andrea Bowers

Billboard Locations

  • Andrea Bowers | Deport Hate: E. San Ysidro Blvd., South of Camino De La Plaza, on the West side of the street
  • Andrea Bowers | Education Not Deportation: University Ave., East of 10th St., on the South side of the street
  • Andrea Bowers | Dare to Dream: Broadway St., East of 10th St., on the North side of the street
  • ERRE | Staten Island: Mission Blvd., North of Ventura Pl., on the West side of the street
  • ERRE | Lives Matter: Adams Ave., West of Oregon St., on the North side of the street
  • Sam Durant | Everyone Do Your Job: Midway Dr., North of Sports Arena Blvd., on the West side of the street
  • Sam Durant | Tu Tienes El Poder: Highland Ave., South of 5th St., on the East side of the street
  • Daniel Guzman | Death Never Takes A Vacation: Sunset Cliffs Blvd., North of Niagara Ave., on the East side of the street
  • Rigo23 | Profit is Virtue: El Cajon Blvd., East of 37th St., on the South side of the street
  • Rigo23 | Money is Character: Broadway St., South of D St., on the East side of the street

Heroic Procession is a unique, experiential Art Lab encompassing an improvised 30-minute production that seeks to trace the emotional and physical journey of America’s immigrants, particularly the procession between leaving home and setting foot on American soil. The production takes place in this interstitial space, between man and nation, between nation and nation, and between graphite, dance, and sound. The piece will be performed at Art San Diego on Saturday, November 5, at 7 p.m.

One-day tickets for Art San Diego are priced at $20 online/$25 at the door for general admission. For tickets that include the Opening Night Preview Party and daily access, tickets are priced at $75 online/$85 at the door. Balboa Park Activity Center.


The San Diego Tropical Fish Society presents its Annual Fish Tank Contest Show. The organization has been around for over 60 years and encourages anyone in San Diego to join the club. They have monthly meetings at 6:30 p.m. on the second Sunday of each month in room 101 of the Casa del Prado in Balboa Park.

This is a free event and, if you are interested in getting some interesting sea creatures on film, this might be an interesting event to attend. There will be a small Guppy show and a contingent of Killifish aficionados as well.

November 5th; Room 101; Prado--Balboa Park; 9 a.m.-5 p.m.




Photos used in this newsletter from Drema Swader, Osia Strasner, Ruth Foelber, Jeff Booher, Richard Strobel, Les Anderson, Lee Peterson, Michael Fairbanks and Richard Van Gils are used with permission and may be subject to copy restrictions from the copyright holder. All rights reserved.

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Drema Swader, Osia Strasner, Ruth Foelber, Jeff Booher, Richard Strobel, Les Anderson, Lee Peterson, Michael Fairbanks, Richard Van Gils

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