Neon is my element.
Neon Symbol = Ne. Atomic Number = 10. Atomic Mass = 20.180 # of Protons = 10 # of Neutrons = 10 # of Electrons = 10 Melting Point = -248.6 ℃ Boiling Point = -246 ℃ Normal Phase = gas Cost = $33 for 100g.
Classification is Nonmetal. It belongs to the noble gas family. The origin of Name is "neo" which means new.
Neon was discovered by Sir William Ramsay in 1898.
Neon is used in lasers and clothing.
Neon was first used by George Claude in Paris 1910
Neon light can pass through fog.
Neon can even cause frostbite and suffocation.
Neon is NOT toxic.

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