Jesus Perez-Salas Digital Photography 1, 4th Period

This is when that i did the leading lines outside and i took a picture of this line pole and i did the Diagonals.
This is when i did the Composition shooting assignment I went outside and i took this picture of the flower because I took 3 of them at the different time.
This is when i did the Leading Line Shooting Assignment So i use this soda to put it far away then i took the picture so soft.
This was the Photochallenge #3 Eyes and use the person eye to take the picture and i took one picture and his eyes were blue and nice.
This was the Multiplicity i need to take 5 picture's to do it and i crop it and put it back to the original photo.

Artist Statement

  • 1.Why Did you make this art
  • Because I did this whit my new friends and they help me
  • 2.Why Inspires you to make it
  • It inspires me to do good for the pictures and i did for my photos
  • 3.What is signifies or represents.
  • The colors is different not the same and i took different photos
  • 4.What's unique or special about how you make it
  • i make them special that i did whit Photoshop and different color
  • 5. What it means to you?
  • It means that i can make more photo's from anything and i can make a picture of my family and my relatives

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