Archeology dig November 18, 2016


FPAN and FCO join forces: Site Monitoring in Aquatic Preserves

Presenting: Jeff Moats - Floridian Public Archeology Network

What does FPAN do?

Promote and facilitate the stewardship, public appreciation, and value of Florida's archaeological heritage

Economic impacts of historic preservation

Over 100,000 jobs in FL are created by heritage tourism

Project focus

  • Biggest aquatic preserves in the state
  • Big bend sea grasses
  • st. Martins Marsh

Florida coastal offices

  • 4 million acres
  • 41 Aquatic preserves

Mission sheet

  • If your as scout then you get a mission sheet


Goals in the field:

  • Verify location
  • assess condition
  • Estimate threat


  • Education - Understanding
  • Understanding - Appreciation
  • Appreciation - Preservation

Monitoring Process

  • Mapping
  • Background research
  • Fieldwork
  • Creating deliverables
Dig Plan View
Created By: Gabbie Garcia
Record Level Forms
Artifact Bags
Artifacts and features found in the South West and South East Quads
Artifacts + Wall Clean up, Soil Sample & Features
  • Features 1, 2 & 3
  • Rim shred
  • Red ochre
  • Bone
  • Flakes
  • Pottery
The Dig
Discovering Artifacts
Everyone managing the screening area found many significant artifacts
Plan View
Feature Form
Record Level Form
Attendance: Participants and Visitors
  • Dr. Butler
  • Mr. Davis
  • Carl
  • Anida
  • Mrs. Rita
  • Hilary
  • Gabbie
  • Siyona
  • Josue
  • Issac
  • Ashley
  • Misty
  • Sam
  • Alex

I have experienced something during this particular dig and it was quite exciting. We have found three features in the south quads and we had to map everything down on a plane view and also resort data onto a feature form. It was all new to me and it was a long thought out process. It was a good learning opportunity to witness.

Archaeology Class of 2016-2017

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