AnnMargret Anakwe' DREAMING SUpreme

My name is AnnMargret Anakwe' and I am a senior here at ETSU. I am an Advertising and Public Relations major with an entrepreneurship minor. I am freshly 22, and am learning to see the world through a fresh set of lenses.

From the time that I was 4 -years-old, up until I was about eighteen, I was raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is one of my favorite places to go back and visit because that is where I call home and where I feel comfortable. Atlanta is somewhere that will teach you culture. It is filled with young people bringing their versions of today's trendy fashions, food, and fun.

Moving to Tennessee, and coming to ETSU was probably one of the most eye opening experiences of my life. I was so ignorant and naive when I came to college that I honestly had no clue about what the universe had in store for me.

One thing I learned from college is that my communication skills are not always the best, so I found a way to communicate that suited me best, which is writing. I love writing poetry. I write [poetry about almost anything; pain and pleasure, love and loss, it's just something about words on a page that ironically makes me speechless.

Even though writing is the easiest way of communicating, I still love speaking up. I've created a YouTube channel for content I want to create and share with the world. I am also hard at work on a personal blog and podcast with my bestfriend.
I probably have some of the best friends ever who have helped me through so much.

Through 22 years of life, these are some of the people who have ran with me, and even picked me up when I couldn't run anymore. My guardian angels here on earth which I am forever in-debt to God for. This is just a short summary, no where close to the conclusion so thank you for taking the time out to learn a little about me (:


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