Carquinez Highlands Alberto Deems Wilson


Our metaphor is a garden. This is because our community is a beautiful place, but even a garden has weeds. Although these weeds are dangerous for a garden, they still make up the greenery.

Descriptive Essay

"The residences are, as the young neighbor girl once said, 'ancient and inactive and elderly,' who she considered to be the whole. Looking through a more refined lense she might have said 'wisdom givers and the skilled and experienced,' for these different perspectives mean the same thing."
"Sunlight breaks, scattering the vermin and scavengers back to their dark holes. The streets begin to come alive with cars rushing to work and cats sunbathing along the road. Gardens blooms with vibrant colors of orange, red and purple flowers. Old oaks and green grass glisten with morning dew."
"Some stories can only be told through a nice cup of hot chocolate, a cozy chair, and a blanket. These stories may take your comfiness and turn it into dismay, making one turn to that blanket for the feeling of security and warmth. We go to that blanket in times of need, when something so fearful happens one can either face it bold or hold onto that comfort for as long as we need it. Maybe writing this story is just like that - feeling security in an ever changing world."


A Waving Hand symbolizes friendliness.
The Bird's chirping is an example of peace among the community.
The Lock represents the Community's Security as a protected environment.

Short Non-fictional Story: The Nude Security Guard

¨Jerry Hopperman was a very hardworking man. His shifts consisted of waking up at 10 P.M. and working until dawn. At the Bart Station he dragged himself to his car and drove all the way to his little mobile home in Tenner Vile. It was a very quiet community, the majority of the population being elderly with a few middled aged couples and young families to mix in the bunch. Driving home late at night was always peaceful and somedays Jerry felt invincible.¨
¨His small neighborhood had their porch lights on but nothing playing inside. All of his fellow neighbors were either still asleep or getting ready for the day. As he took a turn onto his street he made eye contact with Antonio, who was throwing out last minute trash before driving to work. Jerry waved to the man in which he got a smile and wave in return. That was the great thing about Tenner Vile: everyone knew each other. You knew when someone had just moved in when they didn’t automatically wave back.¨
"His mobile home would have been boring if it weren't for his old fashioned cars and plants that surrounded the land. There was a small wooden canopy on the left side of his house, no taller than 6 feet, that lead to a gate to his backyard. The pathway was decorated with large rocks aligned perfectly while a bush was planted directly in the middle of his living room window facing the house. It wasn’t very different in terms of architecture compared to the other hundreds of houses in the community, but his little touches is what made it unique from the others."
"One out of two cars were missing as he drove into the driveway. His wife's Toyota was in the shop, and because of that she had to get a ride from her friend to go to her church group. Jerry dragged his worn out steel toe boots out from the car along with the rest of his body. He sighed and ran his hand through his thinned out white hair."
"He walked into his house and made a beeline to his bedroom. Jerry quickly, but carefully, stripped himself completely of his oily jumpsuit. With his wife gone, he felt no need to walk around with a robe or anything to cover himself, so that’s what he did. He strolled into his kitchen to quench his dry throat before calling it a day. On his way back from the kitchen he heard a faint noise but made nothing of it. It wasn’t until he saw his cats gathering to the back door that made him curious as to what’s outside."
Right there in front of his back door was a man with a large crowbar trying to break into his home. He wore all black with a beanie covering his face. It was a shock to see, you didn't normally see this kind of burglary in Tenner Vile, but it could happen to anyone. Jerry took immediate action on the man and called 911. His voice was quiet and made sure the conversation was kept short to prevent the man from coming in sooner. Then, he grabbed his shotgun he kept hidden behind the coat hanger and snuck out from another door on the other side of the house.
¨Shotgun in hand, he discreetly went all the way around his house to where the man was still trying to get the door to crack open. That warm, kind, happy Jerry Hopperman everyone knew was gone and replaced with a serious and intimidating Hopperman anyone could be afraid of. Gun in the air, he took slow and steady steps until he was within arms reach of the man. In one quick motion the gun was pressed against the back of his neck and he was frozen stiff.¨
¨All was taken care of. The policeman grabbed the criminal and dragged him away. Once he was in authorities hands he went inside to throw on a robe and put away his gun. Jerry briefly told the police officers what had happened but knew then he’d eventually be brought into court because of all of this. The thought alone was enough to give him a headache. The flashing black and white cars eventually took the man away, and Jerry Hopperman was left alone in his house once again. At this point the sun was higher in the sky and all of the commotion had caused him to lose a good hour and a half of sleep. He already saw his neighbors come out from hiding in their homes to ask him what had happened, and he went inside to avoid any further conversations. This had been a hectic morning and he was ready to crash.¨
¨Word got around of what happened eventually. The woman within his neighborhood gossiped to their friends and their husbands. Their children caught onto the words of their mothers or grandmothers and told their friends in school and in the neighborhood kids as well. He was a celebrity in Tenner Vile - a hero! One kid came up with the name “The Nude Security Guard of Tenner Vile” and that caught on. Although he wasn't too fond of the name, Jerry admired the praise for protecting his home and community. His little community, to watch and take care of, as if they were his garden.¨
Created By
Beau Wilsonalberto


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