Good Life Tour of the Harn Ashlyn Brothers- Section 001E

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

I found this work, "Midtown Composite", very fun. The piece appears to be a city lit up at night, but if you were to see it in person, you would notice that each piece of light is a small scribble of white edged out from the wood. At a distance, the work seems so exact, while up close, you can see how different each bit of "light" is. I found this piece so striking because it seems to symbolize the idea of the sum of the parts making up the whole. If one a chunk of this piece out, they would see nothing but scattered bits of white. It is not until each piece of the work comes together that a magnificent image is revealed. I liked this piece because I tend to be soft spoken in large groups, yet I still see myself as a knowledgable and valuable person, and similarly, each bit of light is only looked at as a piece of a building, yet without just one light, the painting would lose its intricacy. I felt amused and curious as to how someone could put together something so wonderful with so little.
The artist of the woodcut, "Midtown Composite", Yvonne Jacquette.

Design of the Museum

This garden space was so appealing to me because it was rather small, yet appeared so spacious. There were only a couple pieces of art out in the garden, and patches of plants were present, but the walkways were wide, and the ceiling was so high that the area seemed to have endless capacity. I liked that there were tall trees present in the garden, which offered shade in what would have been an extremely bright and practically blinding place to admire. I felt free and distant from the rest of the museum when I stood in this garden.

Art and Core Values

Ruth Bernhard's "Classic Torso" was a beautiful piece of a nude woman. Bernhard's representation of the woman was soft, simplistic, and delicate, which allowed me to appreciate her imperfect appearance, as well as her femininity despite her imperfection. I felt beautiful and gentle when I looked at this picture because as a woman, I've strived for perfection in appearance, and of course, failed; this woman, however, appears beautiful because of how nature has made her to be, rather than her perfect body or bone structure. This picture highlights the beauty in this woman, and in doing so, has allowed me to understand and cherish the beauty in myself and in others.

Art and the Good Life

When I first saw this collection, my immediate reaction was "these ladies were fighting for their good life". This is conveyed by the anger, wit, and sarcasm used in these pieces to provoke a reaction from the public. Their message had to be direct in order to receive a reaction, and therefore create attention toward the issue at hand. I felt proud as a woman to know that ladies are continuing to fight for equality, and recognizing their own self-worth. By seeing illustrations of women fighting for privileges that I take for granted, I came to appreciate the fact that I am a woman, and feel confident in my belief that women should be seen as equals. I understood more thoroughly how many areas of life are affected by inequality, I would have never thought that female directors would be so concerned about their standing. I also was able to recognize that the fight for equality is not over, for these works were fairly recent.

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