movie poster (week 4 assignment)

Here's the artistic process for my 'movie poster'. Nothing really felt 'right' but you'll see a bit of the thought process...


First I started with the idea of creating a poster for "Dracula", but the inspiration quickly faded. For some reason the 'Wizard of Oz" came to mind. The posters I'd recalled were all very busy, so I thought It would be a good focus for this assignment.

Wizard of Oz Posters (google)

There were over 30 versions created from the beginning. First I focused on the ruby red slippers. I used the pen tool to draw some shoes. The solid red felt flat, so then I created a pattern of 'glitter' and applied it to the shoes. I wanted to incorporate the yellow brick road and some of the main characters. I created the 'brick road' by creating a pattern and dragging it into the swatches panel. Then it could be applied to various shapes. To include the characters, I live traced an image, and then expanded to add details to Dorothy's slippers and dress.

you can see here some of the earlier renditions with a curved 'brick road'

playing with the idea of negative space, I thought the most powerful way to convey the image was by minimizing color and focusing on shape.

a lot of experimenting happened. at some point I thought adding the witch's house and her legs would be interesting- but it looked like a clipart poster with the text.
This was my favorite- the complimentary color harmony and the characters. But then I wondered if I should revisit adding some text- so I wanted to incorporate a sense of 'place'.
adding the map of Oz made this very busy, and the characters seemed to get lost.
This one seems to have a few elements that make sense, the text mimics the tornado, the characters and yellow brick road are included. The background was a bit busy so...
this is the result.



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