Schools Food Choices Anti-overweight program in schools everywhere.

Many schools generally tend to focus on the quantity of the food they serve instead of the quality, schools should be more attentive and caring when feeding their students.

Students should also take it upon themselves to implement low intensity physical fitness, this is important because a lot of health issues have been known to be associated with being over weight.

Schools think that the responsibility of the students health lies on the parents and that they should be in charge of what their children eat.

The responsibility of the students health ultimately lies on the school system, the school system has a big influence on students and the choices they make.

Teachers are obligated to inform their students on the importance of eating well and implementing low intensity physical fitness, healthy students tend to be better students and test takers in the classroom. In informing students of these health benefits, the school board should also implement a program that includes healthier lunch choices and mandatory gym classes.

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Jeremy Davis

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