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‘The concept of mobilities encompasses both the large-scale movements of people, objects, capital and information across the world’ (Hannam, Sheller & Urry, 2006: 1). Nowadays it is a lot easier to travel around the world, people can travel to Brazil using different modes of transport such as air, sea etc.

Brazil well known for their popular attraction such as Christ the Redeemer, Amazon Rainforest and its famous beaches. (touropia, 2016)

Brazil is ranked 20th best country out of 60 countries (Usnews, 2016) This statistic suggests that a lot of people enjoy going on holiday to Brazil, therefore it is ranked so high. ‘Brazil has a well-defined image’ (Worldwide destination 5th edition), this is because Brazil has different types of landmarks such as Christ the Redeemer, Iguazú Falls etc. (Skyscanner,2016) Another reason why Brazil has a well-defined image is because of the cultures it has, they have three cultures, Portuguese, Africa and Amerindian. (Worldwide destination 5th edition). Brazil has been changing a lot over the year, therefore it has a well- defined image, because of the development of the economy, Brazil is now the largest in Latin America. (Worldwide destination 5th edition).


• Brazil has a good mode of transport such as, air travel, sea travel etc.

• Brazil provides remarkable attractions that will cater for everyone.

• It holds big events such as Rio Carnival, New Year Eve party, therefore Brazil receives a load of visitors each year.

Travel Flow.

A lot of people travel to Brazil as shown in the diagram. In the international tourist arrivals, it shows a few years and how many tourist Brazil get, the numbers do increase each year apart from 2015, as the figures dropped a bit but that is because they are provisional figure or data. Brazil is a popular country, as it states in the diagram there are a lot of international tourism arrivals into Brazil.

Figure 1. International tourism arrivals. Source: UNWTO (2016)

‘The economy crises in 2000 made Brazil a cheap country to visit and inbound arrivals increased to 4.8 million’ (Worldwide destination 5th edition). As stated in the book there has been a massive increase in inbound tourism in 2000. People will travel to countries that are cheap, it will bring more people into them countries.

Figure 2 Number of domestic and foreign visitors to the carnival in Salvador da Bahia (Brazil) in 2007. Source: Statista (2016)

In this diagram, it shows the visitors that attended the carnival in Salvador da Bahia in 2007. All together there were 456,708 visitors for that one event. The bigger column were the nationals this means that they did travel domestically to this event. The smaller column is the foreigners, there is many people that were flying into Brazil for this event.

Domestic Travel.

Domestic travel appeals to mainly people that can't afford proper holidays outside their home country, however there are people that also like to explore their home country more. 'Beaches are freely available to rich and poor alike’ (Boniface.B, et al., 2012, 547). People enjoy going on beach holidays as it caters for everyone as it fits into everyone’s budget. Brazil is popular for beaches; Copacabana is the number one beach in Brazil. (Touropia, 2016). A lot of people in Brazil take domestic trips, ‘Brazilians took 68 million domestic trips in 2010.’ (Boniface et al,. 2012, 547). That is many people travelling domestically, there can be a lot of different reasons for domestic travel such as tourist’s financial situations / want to explore Brazil more. As Brazil is getting so many domestic travelling, they have domestic tour operators that will help people find their perfect domestic holiday in Brazil. (Boniface et al,. 2012, 547).


Figure 4 Brazil – Air transport – Air transport passengers carried. Source: Knoema (2015)

As shown in the graph, it shows how many people used air transport to come to Brazil. Each year the number increase, the reasons being for this might be because people want to explore more of the world rather just the country they live in. More people are using their holidays from work to go on good holidays, this is because they will be getting paid for them.

Brazil is ranked 2nd for having the most airports, it has just over 4,000 airports. (Listverse 2016), this is good for brazil because it will be getting a lot of people travelling to the country. It also means that people can travel domestically via air transport.

Figure 3 getting around Brazil. Source: Lonely Planet (2016)

As can be seen in this photo, there are a lot of different methods of travelling around Brazil. The main reason why people travel domestically around Brazil is because of how easy it is as there is a lot of different ways to get around. As well people that visit Brazil have many options on how to travel within the country.

Destination resources.

Amazon Rainforest is one of the most popular natural attraction in Brazil.

'You can see monkeys, sloths, parrots, toucans, caimans, turtles, and other wildlife on a boat trip here’ (Planet Ware, 2016). There are a lot of different tours that are available for the public, it would be an amazing experience being able to see the wildlife and get more information about the Amazon Rainforest. The Rainforest gets a lot of visitors each year and the numbers will be increasing each year. People want to visit the Amazon Rainforest because over the years the Amazon Rainforest might be decreasing, ‘Considering forest-threatening factors such as fires, deforestation, and the emission of greenhouse gases’ (Tree hugger, 2010).

Christ the Redeemer is one of the most well knows statues in Brazil, people can take tours around the Christ the Redeemer, doing the tours is such an amazing experience, this attraction caters for everyone, it is interesting. Christ the Redeemer been in Brazil for a very long time now it officially opened in 1931 (Soft School, 2016), and it is one of the best cultural resources they have. This attraction appeals to both international and domestic visitors, when people arrive to Brazil the first thing they want to see when they come here. People travel domestically from all over Brazil to come Rio and see Christ the Redeemer.

Rio Carnival happens in Brazil every year, it’s one of the biggest events they hold. In 2017 the date for the carnival will be 24th till 28th February. Each day the event will hold different attractions for the attendees. 2011 was a big year for the carnival, ‘756,000 number of people expected to attend Carnival’ (The week, 2011). That is a huge number that was estimated to attend the carnival. Due to so many people attending the carnival, they will have spent a lot of money while being there. ‘$559 million amount of money expected to be spent by tourists’ (The Week, 2011). That is a huge amount of money being spent in just few days. This will be good for the Brail economy because of all the money that people are spending at the carnival.

Case Study.

In 2014 Brazil hosted the World Cup, they had an amazing turn out and had many people attending, as shown in the table below. All together there was 3,429,873 of attendances to World Cup. This must have had a positive turnout for Brazil, as the tourist would have brought more money into the economy.

Figure 4 Number of spectators at football World Cups from 1930 to 2014. Source Statista (2016)

Due to so many people coming over to Brazil they had to build more hotels. ‘There are currently 198 hotel projects under way in Brazil’ (business insider, 2011). This will mean that there would have been more jobs available for people in Brazil. As well as the hotels getting built, people were buying a lot of food and drinks when watching the games, ‘3,127,674 food and beverage transactions took place at the stadiums over the course of the competition.’ (FIFA, 2014). People were spending a lot of money on things such as food and drinks, this must have resorted into a lot of money being put into the economy.


Brazil does have a lot of amazing attractions that cater for everyone. One of the biggest well known attractions in Brazil is the Amazon Rainforest. Amazon Rainforest has a lot of amazing tours available for the public. ‘10% of the world’s known species live in the Amazon rainforest. 20% of the world’s bird species live in the Amazon rainforest.’ (Science Kids, 2016). This interests a lot of people and that’s why they want to visit the Amazon Rainforest.

Brazil isn’t one of the safest countries when it comes to crime levels, ‘Crime levels are high’ (Gov, 2016). This might be a big weakness to the country, this is because when people travel they do not want to travel to a country with high crime levels. These crimes are high especially when it comes to some big events such as a festival or a carnival (Gov, 2016).

Brazil would benefit a lot if it built some more hotels, restaurants etc. The reason being for this is because a lot of people will be able to get a job due to new things being opened and built, it might give better opportunities for people to feed and look after their families. Also, if Brazil have another big event they will be getting a lot of people coming over so they will need enough hotels etc.

Terrorism is a massive threat to every single country. This year there were attacks on Paris, Nice, Brussels, Turkey. People are scared to travel because they don’t know what can happen while they are on holiday. Although nothing has happened in Brazil, some people might be scared to travel in general, just in case anything was to happen.

Key Recommendations.

Brazil would be a perfect place to hold a big festival / event, they already hold massive events such as the Rio Carnival, the New Year Eves party. Brazil has good transport methods to get into the country and to get around while being in Brazil. As stated before Brazil is ranked 2nd to have the most airports in the world. Therefor it is easy for people to travel from another country and from Brazil too. While being in Brazil, they have good methods of transport to get people around. This is important if a big event happened there. People wouldn’t be able to bring their cars so they would have to rely on good public transport to get them to the evets / back from the event. Brazil is a well knows place and people love travelling to it because of the attractions they provide. Due to Brazil already holding many big events, people will know it will be successful just like the others have been in the past. Brazil has enough space to put together an event no matter what kind of event it will be. In the figures that were given before, the number of tourist that are coming over to Brazil is increasing, the figures would increase a lot more if a new event was to be held there. This is because a lot of people are travelling for the adventure and they would be willing to travel to Brazil for an event that might have not happened before anywhere else. Due to Brazil having some poverty parts in the country, big events like that will give the economy more money and then they could help the less fortuneless, so there would be less poverty.


In conclusion after doing the research about Brazil and finding out some astounding facts about it, doing the event in this country would be beneficial. It is a lot easier nowadays to travel to Brazil from different countries because of the number of airports they have. This will also increase the domestic travel as a lot of them travel by air. As well because of the number of airports increasing this will mean that the number of international tourists is also increasing. People love coming to Brazil because it’s a beautiful country and the prices are reasonable. When people travel to Brazil it will because of the wonderful attractions they have and the landmarks. In summary, Brazil is getting more visitors each year as the statists show, this might be because of the attractions or event he events e.g. World Cup 2014. Also in Brazil, they have good public transport, there is a range of them that people can use, this is also good because it means that people can get around the cities easy.

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