Xylem Cells in Plants By Maggie Turner

Function: Xylem Cells are the building blocks for the transport system for water and mineral salts in plants. The cells are strengthened with a hard substance called Lignin to understand changed in pressure of water.

Special Information:

-Xylem Cells are dead.

-They are hollow cells and consist only of cell wall.

-The structure of Xylem Cells allows water transport to be efficient.

-Vessel elements are distinguished by their shape.

-Xylem Cells contain two other cell types: Fibers and Parenchyma


Created with images by Key Foster - "into another world" • skeeze - "cells electron microscope macro" • (biophotos) - "Fibra, elemento de vaso, célula parenquimática, células epidérmicas com tricomas - Cannabis sativa"

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