'' The Double Life of Pocahontas'' by Jean Fritz November/December 2016

" The river has always been a drought of water." (Pg.9)

Based on the context clues, "Drought" means, a prolonged period of rainfall.

''They were to be friendly to the natives and turn them into christians. Finally they were to provide goods that would make money for England.''(pg. 10 )

Based upon the context clues, the word "Native" means A person born in specified place or association with a place by birth.

"Captain Archer was shot in both hands and the sailor was wounded. Then the english fired their guns and the natives darted back to the woods." (pg.12)

Based upon the context clues, the word "wounded" means to inflict or have injured someone.

"Newport returned from England with fresh supplies, the settlers had nothing to eat but when they went hunting for fish they gobbled it all up."(pg.15)

Based upon the context clues. "Gobbled" means Hurriedly and noisily while eating food.

" Captain Newport went to England to make a settlement to get the land back."(pg.22)

Based on the context clues, "Settlement" means, An official agreement intended to rescue a dispute or conflict.

" The great Chief Powhatan, Seated high, Twelve mats under him, Raccoon robe around him with tails dangling and his tobacco right beside him."(pg.25)

Based on the context clues, "tobacco" means, A green leaf that can be chewed or sniffed

"Powhatan was very absence when he found out pocahontas had been gone for a long time."( pg.32)

Based on the context clues, "Absence "means, The state of being away from place or person.

" Captain Newport had to translate what pocahontas was saying about her father."(pg.41)

Based on the context clues, "Translate" means the process of figuring words or from one language into another.

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