CU 1010 Portfolio Sawyer Lee

Introductory Reflection: The point of this portfolio is to examine the things that students do (and don't do) that hinder our success in school, the working world, and as a result of these our progression towards our personal goals in our private life. The exercises required by this portfolio are designed to cause students to gain insight into different tools and behaviors that foster an environment in which success can happen. The portfolio when completed provided important information on how to manage your time and energy and what steps to take to become progressively better at doing so. My favorite exhibit ended up being the professor interview. It's pretty rare that a student is able (or willing) to actually talk one on one with a professor and talk not just about upcoming exams or trivial academic subjects and actually show interest in the teacher's past and present personal life and the qualities of their character. Not only did this spawn a great interview, but it opened a better dialogue between teacher and student which can be invaluable when most professors have hundreds of students. I also really liked Exhibit 1 on self talk patterns. I believe that these self talk patterns shape your reality and can affect it very greatly. Having the ability to recognize this and put effort towards healthier self talk that promotes a growth mindset can change your life. Thats essentially what the multi-billion dollar self-help industry preaches in a different form released in paperback every day. The most challenging part of the portfolio for me was the time management section. I usually write down goals for the day and have a vague plan, but actually sticking to the schedule was very hard for me as I tend to become distracted and like to make decisions on how to use my time wisely in the moment. How ever it was fulfilling in the way that I gained insight into how my time is really being spent in a quantitative format. The most impactful exhibit for me was the Personal Values one. Actually having to narrow down to five, and eventually just one value that you hold the dearest really gives you a chance to take an objective look at what motivates you on a deep level and how to make sure that your goals reflect these in the way that you will feel fulfilled in what you do. This really opened some mental doors for me as I had never really tried to narrow down what was important to me and subject these things to a power ranking system. It really keeps you honest to yourself. The portfolio really was a great way to get the students of CU 1010 to actually practice what we were learning in class in real life scenarios. I think that without it much of the information we were absorbing in class would have been much more easily exhumed but with actually seeing how making changes to our lifestyles and taking action really does affect success in school, were much more able (and willing) to use these tools and ideas in the future and ideally for life.


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