CEBT News August 2021

Notes from the Chairman

CEBT Members:

I hope everyone is having a safe and healthy summer and looking forward to the fall. This summer the CEBT Trustees were able to hold its annual summer conference in person! The CEBT summer conference is the time when the Trustees hear from a number of vendors. These vendors include both current companies that provide services to you and potential partners for future services or enhancements that the Trust might be interested in providing you.

Although the conference was held in person, opportunities for your employer and vendors to join virtually was provided based upon comfort level and/or company polices for meeting in person. We were pleased that the conference was well attended, both in person and remotely. For complete details on the Trust’s partners as well as a comprehensive list of services and informational resources, I suggest that you visit our web page at www.cebt.org.

As you would expect, a lot of conversations during the summer conference centered around the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on health services for members. The discussion not only reviewed the impact on the number and types of claims that were processed by CEBT, but also the potential utilization impact we might see when we begin to come out of the pandemic. During the summer conference, the Board of Trustees establishes the renewal rates for the upcoming January rate renewal for all member groups and plan designs for the Trust. Starting this month, CEBT representatives will begin meeting with employer organizations renewing in January to discuss specifically how the pandemic affected the rate renewals and projected impact after the pandemic. Those employer groups who renew in July of each year will wait until their renewals are established during the January 2022 conference.

Besides the rate renewal for January 2022, the Board also renewed and approved its contract with its lobbyist. The CEBT lobbyist monitors, and when necessary, represents CEBT, on Federal and State issues that may come up in Congress or the State legislature. The lobbyist provides regular updates for the Board on what is being proposed and how it might impact the Trust. If a proposal has an effect on the Trust the Board may direct the lobbyist to stand a position on the issue with the proposed legislator.

From time to time, the Board evaluates the impact of changes in the medical, dental, or vision services and as necessary makes plan design changes. Those changes are evaluated and, if approved, are implemented as part of the renewal process. Plan design changes may affect all plans or specific types of plans. For those employers renewing in January 2022, please discuss with your employer any potential impact on the plan designs that are offered to you by your employer.

The Board of Trustees continues to seek input on your health, dental, and vision services that CEBT offers. Please send your thoughts and comments via email to the Trust's Administrator, WTW, or speak with your local HR department. As always, please let us know how we are doing.


Ed VanderTook | CEBT Chairman

Happy Birthday CEBT!

The year 2020 definitely had it's challenges, however, alongside those challenges there were many good things happening, we just had to keep our eyes open to them. One of these great things was CEBT's milestone of 40 years as an organization.

When CEBT was formed back on February 25th, 1980 things looked much different than they do today. With membership consisting of only seven employers and 444 employees being underwritten on a fully insured basis, CEBT has now grown to over 400 employers and nearly 20,000 employees as a non-profit, self-funded Plan. This growth is truly something to celebrate and an exciting thing for CEBT members to be a part of.

Below is a photo from 1985 with the founder of CEBT, Ernie Urman, accepting the first dividend check from the Vice President of Sales, Mr. Michael Connelly, of Northwestern National Life Insurance Company. At this time CEBT had 20 employer groups and around 1,500 employees. Four years after this photo in 1989 NW National wanted a 69% rate increase and this is the year CEBT self-funded.

Left to right: Danny Urman, Ernie Urman, Frank Urman, Michael Connelly

Willis Towers Watson's Membership & Premium Accounting

The Membership and Premium Accounting team specializes in continuously tackling new challenges all while handling sensitive information with both professionalism and integrity. These individuals work behind the scenes with your employer to handle all of the enrollment, eligibility, and invoicing.

Each member group is assigned a dedicated Membership and Premium Accounting Representative (MPA) who enrolls members, processes qualifying events, addresses carrier / vendor service issues, submits and reconciles monthly invoices. In addition, they work closely with your employer group to get you access into the CEBT Community online enrollment system, assist with system training, and help to keep each employer up to date on eligibility rules and healthcare regulations.

This team is led by Marina Algien and consists of five additional team members: Lynda LiVecchi-Smith, Vickie Stannard, Erin Price, Sydney Faraci, and Gabe Estala. This close-knit team can often be found throwing potlucks, team building on paddle boarding adventures, partaking in top of the hour exercise breaks, and starting the discussion on what they are having for lunch as soon as they walk through the door.

UMR Website

Do you need a digital copy of your UMR card or need to order an extra card to be mailed? Would you like to know how much you have applied to your out-of-pocket? Or need copies of EOBs to send to your HSA or FSA? When you create an account on UMR, you will have access to all of this information, and more!

Viewing how much you have applied to your individual and family deductible and out-of-pocket is quick and easy to read. You can also receive additional information and details regarding your benefits.*

If you need copies of EOBs, or would like to see if a claim you submitted has finished processing, the “Claims” section will have that information readily available in an easy-to-view format.

Due to HIPAA and privacy regulations, claims information for dependents over the age of 18 may only be viewed if they create an account and give you permission.

Have you misplaced your UMR card? Does your dependent need a copy to send to their doctor or college? You can easily access that information on the UMR Portal as well.

All this information can be easily accessed on your phone’s web browser, too.

If you need help or have questions while going through the UMR Portal, please call our customer service department (303) 773-1373, or toll-free at (800) 332-1168.

Triad Update

Triad’s August focus themes include Back to School and parenting struggles. Parents can learn how to stay organized as summer winds down and the school year begins by reading this month’s EAP Insights. This article goes over how to improve your organizational skills and gives tips that will help get you through the school year smoothly. For example, teaching time management, creating a homework plan, and using a digital calendar. Another resource available to parents is the Raising Confident Children webinar which is available on demand starting August 18th on triadeap.com. This Webinar focuses on how to boost your children’s confidence and self-esteem to help them become resilient adults.

Another theme Triad explored this month is Burn Out – an issue that has been around prior to COVID but is now proving to impact employees more than ever before. Burn Out is a work-related stress that leaves people in a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion. It can cause you to feel unaccomplished and confused about your identity and purpose. If you are experiencing Burn Out and want to learn some coping mechanisms and access resources available to help you, give Triad a call.

Your benefits include access to 6 confidential counseling sessions, as well as legal and financial consultation services. Visit triadeap.com using the username CEBT and password EAP to learn more about these services or call Triad Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m at 877-679-1100. (*Please check with your employer on log in credentials and benefits as these can vary*)

What's new at Kaiser Permanente

Mental Health Chat

Members can now use Chat with a Mental Health Specialist to get quick support and assistance with a mental health concern or condition. Kaiser Permanente specialists will get members the appropriate level of care by asking a few questions about their current mental state and providing coping skills and a plan for care. Using Chat with a Mental Health Specialist does not replace an appointment with a mental health provider but rather is an additional offering to the other chat service lines (doctor, financial counselor, member services). Please check out this flyer for more information about how to use these services.

Chat with a Mental Health Specialist is is available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and open to all Colorado members who have a kp.org account.

Medication Health Center

A new Medication Health Center is designed to further support the complex care of patients on chronic opioid therapy. The Medication Health Center will ensure new members on chronic opioid and/or benzodiazepine therapy, or Suboxone for chemical dependency, have an in-person appointment before their first prescription is ordered. Note: The Primary Care Opioid Management Program will continue to manage this patient population, whereas the Medication Health Center has been added to support and assist in monitoring and providing education to these patients.

Access to Self-Care Apps

In these challenging times, it's more important than ever to think about and support our mental health. Kaiser Permanente is providing their members with access to two evidence-based self-care apps at no cost:

  • Calm: Uses meditation and mindfulness to help lower stress, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep quality.
  • myStrength: Uses personalized interactive programs to help improve awareness, change behaviors, lower stress, reduce anxiety, manage depression and insomnia, and more.

Benefit Changes

Effective 1/1/2022

It's that time again! As we quickly approach the beginning of the new calendar year, there are a few upcoming benefit plan changes that you will want to be aware of. Below is a quick summary of what changes you will see come January 1st:

CEBT Plan Changes

Medical: The age limit for diagnostic colonoscopies will reduce from age 50 to 45 and will be covered at 100% on the PPO and EPO plans.

Kaiser Plan Changes

All Kaiser plans: Effective 1/1/2022 Kaiser Permanente Pharmacy's will begin accepting Manufacturer coupons for drugs that have been approved by Kaiser Permanente. Members will be able to apply these Manufacturer coupons towards their cost share for certain covered drugs and/or items obtained at a pharmacy owned and operated by Kaiser Permanente. Member will owe any additional amount if the coupon does not cover the entire amount of cost sharing.

7/1/2021 Benefit Change Reminders

VSP Vision Plans B & C

Beginning July 1st, both CEBT VSP Vision Plans (B & C) moved from the Signature VSP network to the Choice VSP network resulting in the following benefit enhancements:

  • Added standard progressive coverage in full
  • Added Walmart as an affiliate (in network provider)
  • Added UV coverage in full
  • Added Adult Polycarbonate coverage in full


All service area subgroups were consolidated into one service area (called One Kaiser) for Colorado markets to help deliver a simplified and improved member experience. Members enrolled in a CEBT-KP Plan should have received new ID cards on or around July 1st.


Allergy Testing

Did you know you have coverage to have your allergies checked and treated? With summer almost over and the fall allergy season coming up, it's important to know what your health plan can do for you. If you believe you need to visit a provider that specializes in allergies, you do not need to obtain a referral from your primary care doctor.

  • For HD members, services will be subject to your deductible and then coinsurance.
  • For PPO members, services will be subject to your office visit copay.
  • For EPO members, services will be subject to your specialty office visit copay.

If your allergies need to be treated with serum and injections, those services are also covered. These services do not require pre-authorization. For PPO/HD members, coverage will be the same as above. For our EPO members, you will have a $10 copay for each visit.

Our Kaiser members will have similar coverage depending on your plan. If you are on an HMO plan, it will be subject to a copay, while Kaiser HD members will be subject to their deductible and then coinsurance once and if the deductible is met.

The benefits referenced above are for visits and services done with in-network providers. To find an in-network provider, please go to: https://www.cebt.org/partners-providers

LifeServices Toolkit

As part of CEBT's Basic Life coverage through The Standard Insurance Company, you have access to and are eligible for their Life Services Toolkit. This program provides 24/7 access to services for you and your beneficiaries in areas such as:

  • Estate Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Health and Wellness
  • Identity Theft Prevention
  • Funeral Arrangements

The Standard has partnered with Health Advocate to offer the line up of services mentioned above. If you are enrolled in CEBT's Basic Life coverage, you will automatically have access to the Life Services Toolkit and can find more information on these services by going to standard.com/mytoolkit and enter the user name "assurance".

CEBT Wants to Hear From You

"Providing quality health benefit options at a competitive cost with superior service."

CEBT always strives to provide the best service for its members. Knowing what works great or how to improve helps to grow the relationships that are built through our partnerships. Feedback is always welcomed at CEBT.

If you have suggestions for topics or stories that you would like to see in these newsletters, please email Sydney Faraci on the CEBT Communications Team at sydney.faraci@willistowerswatson.com to get your ideas published.

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