CoViD-19 et situations médicales particulières (Bibliographies + références scientifiques et institutionnelles, ACTUALISees le 2 fevrier 2021)

MPR et Rhumatologie

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Created with images by engin akyurt - "coronavirus" • engin akyurt - "a woman in depression" • Mikail Duran - "YOU DON’T AND CAN’T USE THIS PHOTO FOR CONTENTS WHAT INCLUDES;,, RACISM, POLITICA, THEFT, DEATH AND OTHER CONTENT THAT INCLUDES HATE. *THINK ABOUT THE PERSON ON THE PHOTO." • National Cancer Institute - "Children Playing. Several young children playing with toy trucks and their pet rabbits. They are outdoors on a summer day, building a play construction site. These people are part of a large Mormon family who are being studied for their low cancer death rate. Pediatric, childhood, AYA." • Anna Civolani - "untitled image" • Lesley Davidson - "The beautiful, elegant calla lily, oft known as the funeral flower. This flower is considered a weed here in Tasmania, which is probably why it grows profusely in my garden. It must feel right at home." • i yunmai - "untitled image" • Robina Weermeijer - "Heart model" • Semevent - "investigation stethoscope to listen" • Robina Weermeijer - "untitled image" • geralt - "clause paragraph right" • Taokinesis - "knee old care" • Robina Weermeijer - "untitled image" • National Cancer Institute - " Human colorectal cancer cells treated with a topoisomerase inhibitor and an inhibitor of the protein kinase ATR (ataxia telangiectasia and Rad3 related), a drug combination under study as a cancer therapy. Cell nuclei are stained blue; the chromosomal protein histone gamma-H2AX marks DNA damage in red and foci of DNA replication in green. Created by Yves Pommier, Rozenn Josse, 2014" • Hush Naidoo - "This was captured well waiting for the doctor who was busy at the time"