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"Where She Went" is a second book to "If I Stay". It explains what happened to Mia after the car crash, and what happened when she woke up from the hospital, and found out what happened to her family. It starts off with Adam and Kim telling Mia about her family and expecting her to scream and cry, but she didn't, all she did was say that she already somehow knew that(Mia doesn't remember anything from when she was unconscious, the only thing she remembers is Adams promise to her, other than that everything else is a blur). After confronting Adam about the promise he made to her, she decides that she thinks it'd be for the best if he left, he just reminds her to much of "The Old Mia", so Adam left.

After Mia left Adam she moved on with her life, the pain of losing her family crushed her, but she managed and moved on, always keeping them in her mind and heart. Mia actually got discovered for her cello performances, and she was taken out of school early to play her cello for millions of people world wide. Life is going great for her, sure she wishes her family could be there to see her play and cheer her on, but to her they were there, they were always there, they were in her heart, so she knew that no matter what happens she'll always have them with her.

Her life changes a bit when she sees Adam Wilde once again, at one of her performances, you see, when she woke up, after Adam's speech saying that he'd leave her life if that's what she wanted, if she stayed with him, and it turns out she ended up asking him to leave because after that, her and Adam became distant until Adam and his band went on tour and Mia was going on her own tour but they were going different directions so they just broke it off, they still emailed back and fourth, until eventually even that stopped, so for almost a year they didn't know what was going on in each others lives until they met up again after Adam went to one of Mia's performances.

After Mia's performance her and Adam started talking, but what annoyed Adam was how she was talking to him like nothing happened, like they never stopped talking. They were talking about performances they had coming up and they actually started hanging out like they used to. It wasn't until they both realized what time it was and knew they both had to get ready for their next concert/performance, but neither one wanted the night to end, so they ditched their plans for the rest of the night and they just hung out together. Hanging out was great for them, they both knew they needed it, but Mia was afraid because she knew she was still in love with Adam but she didn't want to be, she knew it'd mess up everything she had going on in her life right now.

As the night got later and later, Mia actually invited Adam to go to her house for the night and get some rest before his flight the next morning(nothing dirty happened). Everything was great with them, so great that Adam didn't want to leave so he told Mia that he was going to cancel that concert and stay with her for a few more days, but that's exactly what Mia didn't want, she had a flight herself(she was going to Japan). But after they talked about it Mia thought why not stay just a few more days and just chill for a bit, the break would be nice, so she agreed to stay with Adam, even though something was telling her it was a bad idea.

They hung out again the next day and that night they went on the boat so see the statue of liberty, and they started to talk, talk about Mia's family and what it's like to be without them, Adam knows he has no right to be asking questions about them but he does it anyway. It's been almost a year sense Mia has talked about them, she doesn't like to talk about them but she doesn't want to be rude, after talking to Adam about her family Mia realized that she does love Adam and she always will, so she doesn't hold back how she feels anymore, so when they got back to Mia's house and Adam started talking about them, she gave in and told him that she wanted to be with him again, she decided that, she's only going to do very few performances, so she can follow Adam and his band on tour, because she doesn't want to let him go again. Once she gets to Adams gig and the band and crowd saw them holding hands, they all went wild for them, and the band went up and hugged Mia, and kept asking her how her life is going.

As far as we know Adam and Mia are still together. The book ended with them getting back together and being all happy. There's supposed to be a movie to this but they haven't made it yet, i don't even know if they've started to plan it all out yet, but i hope they make it soon. The book was published on April 5, 2011.

Gayle Forman

Gayle Forman: was born June 5, 1970 and is an American young adult fiction author, best known for her novel If I Stay which topped the New York Times best sellers list of Young Adult Fiction and was made into a film of the same name. In 2007, she published her first young adult novel Sisters in Sanity which she based on an article she had written for Seventeen. In 2009, Forman released If I Stay, a book about a 17-year-old girl named Mia who has been involved in a tragic car accident. The novel follows Mia's experience as she lies in a coma fully aware of what is going on around her and everything her visitors say and do. Feeling the agony of the loss of those closest to her, yet aware of the abounding love of those that remain, she must make the choice to hang on or let go. Forman won the 2009 NAIBA Book of the Year Awards and was a 2010 Indie Choice Honor Award winner for If I Stay. The film adaptation of If I Stay, starring Chloƫ Grace Moretz, was released in the United States on August 22, 2014. The sequel to If I Stay, titled Where She Went, was released in 2011. Told from Adam's point of view, the novel is about Adam and Mia's relationship after the accident. In January 2015, Forman released I Was Here, about an 18-year-old girl dealing with the sudden suicide of her best friend. Movie rights to the book were picked up by New Line Cinema one month later. Forman is currently working on her first adult novel, titled Leave Me and due to be released in 2016. Forman won the British Fantasy Award (2010), and the ALA/YALSA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers (2010). She was nominated for the South Carolina Book Award for Young Adult Book Award (2011), the TAYSHAS High School Reading List (2010), the Goodreads Choice Award for Young Adult Fiction (2009), and the Milwaukee County Teen Book Award (2010). She has a husband and two daughters, one of them adopted.Here are a list of the books she's written,

"You Can't Get There from Here: A Year on the Fringes of a Shrinking World" (2005)
"Sisters in Sanity" (2007)
"If I Stay" (2009)
"Where She Went" (2011)
"Just One Day" (2013)
"Just One Year" (2013)
"Just One Night" (2014)
"I Was Here" (2015)
"Leave Me" (2016)

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