Fleeting Reflections Canary Wharf

The sense of energy at Canary Wharf is palpable; it’s not a place that is often associated with quiet contemplation. Yet pausing for a moment reveals real beauty and softness alongside the corporate architecture; the patterns and colours can be mesmerizing like a kaleidoscope as they change with the light and weather.

With so much activity all around, capturing these colourful images requires a focus that isn’t immediately obvious to passers by; I can spend hours at a time examining one body of water, waiting for something out of the ordinary – I sometimes think I might be the only person who is still among the crowd.

The more I stand and watch the more I see.....

....yet the more I look the more I notice that 'looking' is futile, it's more about feeling and anticipating.

What I capture is more down to instinct based on my visits over the last four years.

Yet they never fail to surprise me when I look at the images after on the large screen

The photos were taken over a very small area, yet the varying conditions mean that it's possible to get dramatically different results...

...with the wind playing the major role in how the photos look.

All photos here are pretty much straight out of the camera, with the main adjustments being for contrast and white balance.

Created By
Mike Curry

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