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Welcome to Ring Patterns for February 2019 – a review of the month's achievements at specialties and all-breeds throughout the country. It is not a mystery that February is the most robust month for Collie Specialties. There were 47 independent specialties held across the country in 10 states: Arizona, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, Missouri, California, North Carolina., Illinois, Massachusetts and Washington.

The show that attracted the highest number of collies entered at a specialty and also the largest actual turnout was in state of Washington for judge Patricia Caldwell in the form of Overlake Collie Club's afternoon specialty on Saturday, February 23. There were 79 collies entered with 70 exhibited – 42 roughs and 28 smooths. The largest turnout for the Rough Variety was 49 roughs shown to William Brokken, M.D., at Central States Collie Club on February 16 in Illinois.

Patt Caldwell judged the specialty show with the largest entry and turnout (pictured on left). Her Best of Breed was GCH Monarch Clarion Goddess Of The Rainbow.

Those 28 smooths at Overlake Collie Club also represented the largest entry of that variety. The smooth entry turned out equally there for both judges, Patt Caldwell and Laura LaBounty.

There were two specialties this month at which smooths slightly out numbered the roughs. At Chesapeake Collie Club in North Carolina judge Brenda Miramon drew an entry of 19 roughs and 20 smooths while judge Candy Ardizzone pulled 20 roughs and 21 smooths. There was also one specialty where the rough entry out numbered the smooths by only one. That was at the Collie Club of New England for Anita Stelter whose entry was 18 roughs and 17 smooths. This show was held in Boxborough, MA. And, there was one other specialty in which roughs out numbered smooths by two at Piedmont Collie Club for Carmen Leonard with an entry of 26 roughs and 24 smooths.

At the Specialties: The month saw 31 collies – 12 dogs (39 percent) and 19 bitches (61 percent), 24 roughs (77 percent) and 7 smooths (23 percent), which included 4 veteran bitches (13 percent) and 4 class bitches (13 percent), take Best in Specialty. In addition, nine collies received multiple Best in Specialty awards, including one rough dog and one veteran rough bitch, who both stood out with four or more Best of Breed awards during the month. See the full list below.

Two collies awarded four Best of Breeds: GCHB Shalimar's Double 'L' And Away We Go , GCH Taliesin The Master Plan.

GCHB Shalimar's Double 'L' And Away We Go was one of two collies to earn four specialty Best of Breed awards during the month -- pictured with judge Gayle Kaye.

Seven collies took multiple Best of Breeds: GCH Edenrock I Feel Like A Woman, GCHG Jereco's Simply Irresistible, GCH Maverick Fanfare, GCH Taliesin Fresh Powder O'Paray, GCH Overland Walk This Way At Pinemeade, CH Overland Rough N' Tumble, Tokyo Jazz JP All My Loving.

CH Tango's Valley Park Magic Man was awarded Best in Specialty show under judge Laura Weiss at Collie Club of Southern Wisconsin.
Best of Breed at Collie Club of New England's Speciatly show, judged by Judy Pitt, was GCHS Seawhisper Mysterious.

22 Collies awarded one Best in Specialty show: GCH Monarch Clarion Goddess Of The Rainbow, GCHS Aurealis Endeavour, Tallywood Neverland, CH Cynclair Summer Breeze, GCH Travler's Kim Possible, GCHS Seawhisper Mysterious, CH Pleasant Acre Sugar Daddy, GCH Travler's Son Of A Witch, CH Demuir A Time to Remember, CH Crispin Dancing Man PT RA NA NAJ OF, GCH Corjalin's Light Of A Thousand Stars, GCH Gambit's Livin' The Dream, CH PACH2 Deep Rivers Joie De Vive, HSAsd CD, CH Mascoma's Luminaria, CH Pleasant Acre's Glitz N Glamour, CH Tango's Valley Park Magic Man, CH Barksdale Belleville's Double Trouble, Wilde Manor-N-Carealot's Frozen in Time, GCH Overland Ultralight, Sealore's Dirt Up The Skirt, Chimera's Time And Tide, GCH Skyview Advantage.

CH Cynclair Summer Breeze was awarded Best in Specialty under Lynn Butler at the Collie Club of Washington.
GCH Travler's Kim Possible was Susan Abraham's Best of Breed at Collie Club of New Hampshire.
San Diego Collie Club's Best of Breed winner was GCH Overland Ultralight, HIC under judge Mike McKenzie.

At the All-breeds: Collies accrued eight Group placements, all to the rough variety, including one Herding Group 1 award. Other placements included four Group 3s and three Group 4s. All of the placements went to four rough dogs. The largest number of herding dogs shown at a show in which a collie placed was 189 at Maryland Kennel Club in West Friendship, Maryland. The award was a Group 1 and it went to the rough dog, GCH Sylvan Argent Fireworks. The judge was Brian Meyer, who was approved to judge collies in March 2003. His initial breed was boxers.

GCH Sylvan Argent Fireworks was awarded this months only Group One at Maryland Kennel Club under judge Brian Meyer on February 17.

Roughs placing in the Group: GCHS Scalloway's Lion Hunter (D), GCH Sylvan Argent Fireworks (D), Maclen Jericho Bay (D) and GCH Cherann's Thunderation (D).

GCHS Scalloway's Lion Hunter took the bulk of the Group placements this month -- five of the eight awarded.

National Owner-handled Series: NOHS Herding Group judges placed collies five times during the month with two of those placements going Group One. The roughs earned the ribbon three times compared to two for the smooths.

Commanders Diva In Silk Stockings Of Jjaeds was one of five collies awarded a National Owner-handled Series Group Placement.

NOHS award winners for February: GCH Wyldrose Anticipation, CH Fantasy's Glory Days At Shepherds' Mission, GCHS Tir Nan' Og Brighton The Night Of Willow Fox Farm FDC, GCH Tapestry Southern Cross, Commanders Diva In Silk Stockings Of Jjaeds.

Congratulations to all!

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