The Perfect wedding album designed by Lori rogers

Lori Rogers' Award Winning Custom Hand Designed Panoramic Flush Albums.

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100% creativity

There won't be another album like yours because it's 100 % custom hand designed by award winning designer Lori Rogers. No templates, no presets just a blank page and 100% pure creativity!

100% your choice

Every single aspect of your album is chosen by you right down to the silk lining! You select all the images, choose the cover, choose the color and even choose the silk lining. Then, sit back and relax while Lori creates your one of a kind wedding album!

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Summer Wedding at The Madison Beach Hotel in Madison CT | Photography: Rogers Photography | Album Design: Lori Rogers

Extremely Affordable!

Lori's albums are the most elegant, creative, durable and affordable anywhere. Choose from two different styles: Coffee Table & Premium Flush (contains 3 albums!)

Lori Rogers' award winning custom album designs are included with extremely affordable packages by Rogers Photography or you can send Lori your image files.

See for yourself

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