Play It Like a Game By: Ruby


Definition: To rule as a queen or king.

Sentence: The king and queen will reign together for sixty years.

Parts of Speech: (Verb)

Synonym: Control.


Definition: To make less worried or fearful; to comfort.

Sentence: The girl's mom reassured her that she would find a new friend.

Parts of Speech: (Verb)

. Antonym: Upset.


Definition: To show clearly; to put on display.

Sentence: The museum had a bear exhibit.

Parts of Speech: (Noun)

Synonym: Display. .


Definition: To argue, discuss, or participate in a formal debate.

Sentence: The monkey and the parrot had a debate on wether who should become president.

Parts of Speech: (Noun)

. Antonym: Agreement.


Definition: To put forth effort.

Sentence: The dog exerted all her strength to move the puppy.

Parts of Speech: ( Verb)

Synonym: Push.

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