Samson The strongest man ever

5 Part Cycle

1) The Israelites are becoming rebellious again and they need a new judge. Samson is born and given specific instructions not to do certain things. These things were not to touch unclean animals, never drink wine and never cut his hair. He grew up and the LORD blessed him with unbelievable strength.

2) Samson meets this woman in Timnah and marries her. On the way to meeting the woman, a lion attacks him and he kills it. He goes back to lion afterwards and sees it is filled with honey. He takes some and eats it. (He wasn't supposed to go near a carcass). After the wedding, he throws a party as it was a custom to do so. He gives out a riddle and a bet to along with it. Nobody answers it so he gets angry and goes on a killing spree.

3) Samson plans his revenge against the Phillistines. He catches 300 foxes and ties torches to each one of their tails. He lets them loose in the standing field and it burns up everything. The Phillistines get angry and they killed his wife. The people of Judah are angry with Samson and they try to turn him into the Phillistines. As they approached them, Samson breaks free and kills 1000 Phillistines with just a donkey jawbone.

4) Samson falls in love with a woman named Delilah. The Phillistine leaders find out and make Delilah find out where Samson's strength comes from. He eventually tells her and the Phillistines arrest him and gouged his eyes out.

5) Samson wants revenge on the people for gouging his eyes out and he dies with the Phillistines after bring the temple on their heads. He led Israel 20 years.

8 Analysis Points

1. He loved to give riddles and had a sense of humor. (Judges 14:12)

2. He had an anger problem. (Judges 14:19) (Judges 15:8)

3. He disobeyed God by touching a dead lion and eating from it. (Judges 14:8-9)

4. He wanted revenge. (Judges 15:11)

5. He killed A LOT of people. (Judges 15:13-15)

6. He was very cocky. (Judges 15:16)

7. He lied. (Judges 16:7-9)

8. He got annoyed easily (Judges 16:16-17)

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