Dairy Farming -An in-depth look into the profession of the under dogs, Dairy Farming...

(Dairy Queen, Milk Shakes, Milk in grocery, Steak n' Shake)

All of these are examples of how milk is sold and consumed around the United States!

Here is an example of what conditions are like in a dairy farm.
While many farms are different, some have to live through tough conditions. Pictured below, these chubby cows have it pretty good!

Main Points:

  • Most dairy farms now contain hundreds or thousands of cows. The dairy farming is different today than it was
  • Dairy farming is now an industry, no longer do we see farmers who have less than 100 cows make any money in mass production for consumption
  • The US is the biggest in the dairy industry in the world, closely being followed by India and China
Cows are the key to the dairy industry today, without them, the dairy industry wouldn't be worth $20Billion


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