Leadership Without Easy Answers destiny Jackson


The introduction of LWEA explains about authority, discrimination during the Rodney King riots in LA. The main 3 questions that came up to our authority during these riots is: Was bush exercising leadership? What criteria could we use to judge his actions as events where unfolding, without the benefit of historical hindsight? Was his focus too narrow in responding to symptoms rather than causes, or was it necessary short term tactic in a strategy to address the larger issue? (page 1 lines 17-21)

Rodney King Riots in LA

During crisis people tend to look for the wrong type of leaders or leadership. we want someone to come with answers for the situation we have. but some problems are much bigger than we expect so we need good leaders with great solutions to our problems.

values in leadership

leadership engages value. Ask your self one question would you rather be a leader or a manger. A leader or A follower. 9 times out of 10 your answer is leader. Everyone wants to be a leader but no one knows the term and value of leadership. People who have values, courage, skill and commitment are the ideal person for leadership and who we admire. leaders are representation of community or organization. People who are in leadership roles and are good at it have people to back them up. unlike leaders that are not value-free. they just come up with ideas and go with them.

To lead or Mislead

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