Fun Things To Do While Stuck At Home

"Travel" From Your Couch

Visit Blarney Castle in Ireland

Explore the Hidden Worlds of National Parks

Relax with the Jellies at Monterey Bay Aquarium (and many other creatures)

Watch the elephants play at the San Diego Zoo

Take a Tour

Tour the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

View some of the pieces from MoMA

Stretch Your Legs

Practice yoga with Down Dog, free until July 1 with a student email

Or Yoga With Adriene, a completely free YouTube channel

Enjoy 90 days of free workouts by Peloton

Keep In Touch With Friends... Or Make New Ones

Watch your favorite Netflix shows in sync with Netflix Party, a Google Chrome extension

Download Houseparty to play games while video chatting with friends and family

Have a 10 minute FaceTime with a Princess!

Curl Up With a New Book

Audible is offering free audiobooks for kids and teens

Join Scribd for 30 free days of access to audiobooks, ebooks, magazines, etc.

Be Creative!

Color some of Crayola's free coloring pages

Browse Pinterest for some spring craft ideas


Created with images by Haley Powers - "Orangewood Guitar" • Nils Nedel - "Getting up early isn’t that easy and being on time at airports in the morning isn’t either! But a sunrise like this is very enjoyable, especially having such a great view down at the buildings, the streets and the trees which are getting smaller and smaller. Knowing that the TAP airline machine was going to land in beautiful Lisbon was the cherry on the cake." • Clem Onojeghuo - "Man in gallery" • Jonathan Borba - "untitled image" • Kari Shea - "Ugmonk" • Christin Hume - "words of knowledge" • Kelli Tungay - "Blank Canvas"