Florida Museum of Natural History Butterfly Rainforest Exhibit with Dennis LE

There are many exhibits within the Florida Museum of Natural History. The Butterfly Rainforest Exhibit was the only one I went to. However, it was a good time. Here are some of my favorite pieces from the exhibit:

Me at the butterfly exhibition wing
Closer look of the display next to me
Display of different types of butterflies next to me in the first picture

Nature on Display: When walking in the Butterfly Rainforest exhibit, I found an interest to the display and information they had for butterfly's in general. The display of polymorphism caught my interest even more. The texture and the aesthetics within each individual butterfly was beautiful. The fact that it was a natural process rather than an artificial beauty made me appreciate the natural world and what it has to offer.

A butterfly on a leaf platter eating a banana.
Another butterfly eyeing the food and relaxing simultaneously.

Nature and Ethics: Once i went to the outside part of the Butterfly Rainforest, at first I did not notice any butterfly. However, once I was in the middle of the outside exhibit, I noticed many butterflies on plants and the picture above captured my favorite scene. Through my iPhone 7 Plus, I took a beautiful scene of a butterfly living in a paradise. Furthermore, the one on the leaf platter looks satisfying and the butterfly was most certainly taking his/her time eating the banana. The Natural History Museum gave me an opportunity to see all types of butterflies in a safe environment. Moreover, there were plenty of birds around chirping and singing while I walk around the outside exhibit. Other people were gentle and surprised of many butterflies around them. This outside experience reinforces my perspective of nature and how aesthetically pleasing it has on my mind while in a capitalistic society.

Me near the front of the exhibit with the "Life Cycles in Your Garden" in the background
Closer look on the Caterpillar's/butterfly's general life cycle.

Nature and the Human Spirit: Once finishing the outside portion of the butterfly exhibit, I came across the life cycles display. I was amazed of the detail for a caterpillar's stages of becoming a butterfly. I've never seen such art of recreating a butterfly's yearly cycle. While in elementary school, I seen quick-lapse videos of caterpillars in their cocoons and notice the overall concept of a butterfly's life cycle. However, what the display helped me contemplate about is the beauty within nature and the other aspects that we do not seen in our everyday lives. I believe that every piece of life is essential to making us the way we are today.

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