Plato By: Nithin B.

Who was Plato?

  • Plato was one of Socrates students
  • He was born in Classical Athens and died in 348 B.C. in classical Athens

His main Ideals

  • One of Plato's works is the Replubic
  • He decided democracy was not a good , he didn't think rule by people gave fair or sensible policies
  • To him people could not live good lives without a good goverment
  • He described his ideal government in the Republic
  • He divided people into 3 basic groups
  • The top group included philosophers and kings who ruled using their logic and wisdom
  • The 2nd group contained the warriors who helped defend their state with courage
  • The 3rd group was everyone else who were driven by desire unlike the 2nd group who were driven by courage, and the 1st group who followed wisdom
  • The 3rd group produced the states food, clothes, and shelter.
  • Plato also believed that everyone had the same education and an equal chance for any job

Plato's impact on Greek Society

  • Plato introduced the idea that government should be fair and just for everyone
  • He believed people with more wisdom (philosophers/kings) should rule Greece

Modern Examples of Plato's Philosphy

  • Plato's idea of kings ruling a country or area became true
  • Most of the Europian countrys had a king or a type of government with one man ruling
  • Although his idea of Government was unfair in other ways, this caused the government to become Democracy in the modern day.

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