Common Exhibit #2: Time Management Self Study Aidan Pilon | Spring 2017

Semester Plan: The Big Picture

My calendar for January
My calendar for February
My calendar for March
My calendar for April

Weekly Plan: The Ideal Week

This is what my average week looks like
This was my study schedule from midterms week

Daily Plan: The Nitty Gritty

This is my prioritized to-do list from one specific day

3 Consecutive Day Time Record:

This is the first day that I recorded my daily schedule
This is the second day that I recorded my daily schedule
This is the third day that I recorded my daily schedule


I have made an effort this semester to stick to my plan as closely as possible and have done a pretty job at it for the most part. Once I got into my daily routine, it actually became difficult to stray from it because it would mess up the timing of my priorities. Last semester, I would spent most of my time in quadrants three and four, or on non-important activities. This semester however, I managed to spend most of time during the week in quadrants one and two, most Saturday's in quadrant three and four, and Sunday was usually a mix of important and non-important activities. I plan on using a similar schedule/plan for next semester in relation to my course schedule. The only deviations from my weekly plan in the three days that I recorded my activities were mostly due to small interferences or delays.


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