The Fight:Superman Saves Batman macro project by alivia holgate

~Oh no! Buzz light year has just shot batman with his laser! Someone help batman is down for the count and if someone doesn’t get there fast Buzz light year will take him down for good!oh who will help batman?oh what’s that i see up there!is that…

~Erika! It is!it’s not a bird or a plane but it’s super man in the flesh!what is he going to do?is he here to help batman and take down buzz light year?or is he here to help buzz light year destroy batman and the city?let’s all hope he is here for the good side and destroys buzz light year!

~Superman has just landed and is helping batman up!he is here for the good side and to take down buzz light year before he destroys the city!we are all saved!unless buzz light year knows what superman's weakness is….but in this world no one does except for batman! But batman would never ever go against superman because he knows he will not win.

~Superman has saved the day once again! Batman is on his way to the hospital right now and buzz light year is down for the count and for good. The city is saved once again by superman and batman. Only some buildings have been destroyed by the fight. Everyone is once again safe.

Created By
alivia holgate

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