The Divine: A Play for Sarah bernhadt By tommy townsend

the Spatial experience:

Lobby Entrence

When entering the Constans Theatre I had no idea what to expect. When my friends and I walked in the building we came upon a large group of students waiting out side the theatre waiting to get in. Every one in the lobby seemed very excited and optimistic about the play. As soon as we stepped through the front door of the theatre, the lighting became dim and I became anxious to get in my seat to watch the play. We then proceeded to handing our Gators1 ID's to the lady to swipe and as soon as she handed them back we quickly walked in the auditorium. I am not sure about how my friends felt when walking in but I became very excited when seeing the set and the atmosphere that was in the room. Walking down the stairs many people were chatting about the play and their expectations but I was ready to get in my seat and the play to start. Another exciting part about walking to my seat was that since I had gotten there early, I noticed there were many open seats available relative;y close to the stage. My friends and I ended up getting seats just a few rows off the stage and just off center of middle stage. I think my seat location greatly enhanced my experience by making me feel more in-tune with the play and feel almost as if I were in it. When the lights began to dim and the audience quieted, I had a sudden rush of excitement. The feeling when you know "its about to go down." Since I was so close to the stage, I feel the rest of the auditorium had no affect on my experience at the play and as I said before I felt like I was a part of the play. When thinking about the role of place in the good life, I can relate it to the seating at a play. I think if you prepare, or come early, you will be placed in the best spot possible, but if you are not prepared, or come late, and are put in the back, then you have to do what you can to make the best of your situation. Maybe placement is a preference and you are happier at the back? I think it is the same as role of place, amd it is all about making the most of your experience.

the social experience:

View of the Stage

I had the pleasure of experiencing the play with both friends and strangers. I attended the performance with two friends. We met up about an hour before the play started so we could hang out for a while then make our way over to the theatre in time for the performance. I think both of my friends came in with a view that they would not really like the play very much but I encouraged them to think more positively. When entering the auditorium, I was catching the vibe from them that they were still unhappy about coming and were not looking forward to the play. Fortunately enough for me, once we were seated I was placed next to a complete stranger who had very positive vibes going into the play and we had a brief discussion of our thoughts and hopes going into the play. I think coming with friends was a good experience but I actually think it would be a lot more interesting coming alone and talking to strangers that are able to have fun with the experience and not look at it as a chore. I think shared experience can be beneficial in many ways but I also think experiencing things and doing things outside your comfort zone allow you to have a more open mind and view things differently.

The cultural and intellectual experience:

Play Bill

The central idea of the Good Life performance was social status. The difference between being privileged and oppression, was a major factor not only in the play, but in the actual time period. It was looked down upon to associate yourself with those of a lower class and I think looking back at these situations helps show how far we have come a a society but also how much further we have to go. For example, when the women in the factory were working, there was a point where the boss came in and demanded the workers to hem his suite for him on spot because he was going to the play. This shows that the boss had no respect for what the female workers were doing and automatically felt entitled to that service. Coming into the play I had just the basic knowledge of the separation of classes but the performance helped me see more of the actual struggle of the socially oppressed. I do not think the performance changed my view of these issues but more so enhanced my understanding of them. The subject matter of this play has no correlation to my life but it can definitely relate to real life people.

the emotional experience:

Cooper, David. The Divine: A Play for Sarah Burnhardt. Digital image. Toronto Star, n.d. Web.

In my experiences, theatre is an event used to recreate history, have an area for self expression, and to create an opportunity to draw up emotion that most people do not experience on an every day basis. "The Divine: A play for Sarah Burnhardt" allows us to release emotion by the many experiences the characters go though in the story. On of the amazing parts about plays is having that real life, person to person feeling when it is you and an actor or actress on a stage. These personal connections allow us to attach our selves in the story and siometimes feel the same emotion that the charaters are expressing.

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