"Rory Van Poucke, through his leadership and actions, has proven his personal commitment to making sure that Arizona not only has the needed water, but that we use our water wisely. He is keenly aware of the issues facing state leaders regarding water in our State. Rory is educated on the issues and will effectively represent the voters in Maricopa County on the Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board of Directors. I encourage you to vote for him on November 6th, 2018." Pam Pickard Board Member/ Past President Central Arizona Water Conservation District
"Rory Van Poucke is exceptionally dedicated to understanding and improving Arizona water management, law and policy. Being in a water dependent industry , he knows first hand the value of water and its economic impact. He will bring a corporative , collaborative approach to the duties on the Central Arizona Water Conservation Board , coupled with a keen sense of business judgement and the ability to find practical solutions to difficult problems. Hard working, knowledgeable, and broad minded , Rory is the type of person we need on the board." Michael J. Pearce, Attorney at Law
"The HBACA supports the election of Rory Van Poucke to the Board of the CAWCD. We encourage all members of the HBACA to support his efforts during this election due to his knowledge of water issues facing Arizona and protecting Arizona's water supplies. As Arizona faces significant water challenges, Rory is one of the few candidates that is seeking a solution which would allow Arizona's economy to grow while reducing demand on the Colorado River System" Home Builders Association of Central Arizona
Endorsed by: Congressmen Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar

Rory Van Poucke, Pam Pickard (Central Arizona Project Board Member/ Past President), Shawn Emerson (Desert Mountain C.C). Attending Water Summit

Candidate: Rory Van Poucke


I grew up in Illinois and moved to Arizona in 1988 with my wife, Kim. I moved here to own and operate Apache Sun Golf Club in Queen Creek, Arizona. I have 3 grown sons and have lived in Gilbert, since 1988. I have been very active in the community with sports, school and church activities. I also enjoy golfing, skiing, mountain biking and the outdoors. I have served as President of Cactus & Pine Golf Course Superintendent Association for the past 3 years. I am a graduate of North Central College in Naperville, IL with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business.

Rory Van Poucke and Kimberly Van Poucke (wife): Enjoying the outdoors

Candidate Statement

I am running as a candidate for CAWCD because I believe Water is one of the more important issues facing the state of Arizona in the foreseeable future. I believe that this position requires a thoughtful and knowledgeable individual who understands the complexities of the water issues facing CAWCD and has the ability to navigate these issues. I believe it is vital to continue the great work that CAWCD has done over the years managing water. It is vital to protect the Colorado River.

Rory Van Poucke - Candidate for Central Arizona Conservation Water Conservation District


I have been very active in water issues representing the golf industry and specifically my own golf course. I have work extensively with the various agencies such as; Arizona Department of Water Resources, Salt River Project and Central Arizona Project. I have attended meetings to understand the issues facing Arizona concerning water. I have also attended many educational conferences and seminars such as:

• Invited by Congressman Paul Gosar to speak at the Western Caucas in Washington DC, July 2017

•The Colorado River Waters User Association 2014 – to present

•Protect the Flows Conference

• University of Arizona; Water Resources Research Center Annual Meeting 2014 – to present

• The Water Law Institute – CLE International; Colorado River 2015, Balancing Rights and Interests

• Water Law Institute CLE International; October 2017

• Arizona Department of Water Resources Meetings

• CAP Board Meetings

• Salt River Project – Water 101 – 2017

• Agri-Business Water Seminar

• Arizona Department of Water Resources – Colorado River Shortage

• Governor’s Water Augmentation Council Meetings

• Arizona Department of Water Resources: Desalination Meeting

Attending Central Arizona Project Board Meeting in Casa Grande.

Invited by Congressmen Paul Gosar to speak at the Western Caucas meeting in Washington D.C. on using water wisely

Attending Central Arizona Board Meeting. June 4th, 2018

Attending CLE International Arizona Water Law Conference. Hunter Moore, Natural Resources Director for Governor Ducey, speaking at the Conference on water.


Water Conservation – using water wisely

• It is important that we continue to use and conserve this vital resource. I believe this can be facilitated through using technology, science, research and communications amongst the stakeholders.

• Education in the community is critical to conserving water and can be accomplished through effective communication.

Fiscal Responsibility

The Central Arizona Project consists of a 336 mile long aqueduct that brings 1.5 million acre feet of Colorado River water into a 3 county service area. It is vital that we continue to analyze our expenses and income because we want to be a good steward of tax dollars from the taxpayers. We need to be aware that we have sufficient funds to pay back the Federal Government for the cost of construction of the CAP system. We need to look at all areas of operation to make sure that the CAP system is running as efficiently as in the past.

Protecting the Colorado River

It is imperative that we install ways to protect the Colorado River, which supplies approximately 40% of Arizona water. Because of the 16 year old drought and structural deficit, the time has come that we must ensure that we have a healthy Colorado River. This can be accomplished through the drought contingency plan that is in the works. I believe we must move slowly and analyze the effects this will have on different stakeholders. It is also important that Central Arizona Project continues to prepare for the possibility of a shortage on the Colorado. We have to continue the process of preparing for a shortage which includes the infrastructure and recovery wells.


I believe we need to work with all parties concerning issues facing CAP. It is my desire to work with Local, State and Federal Agencies as well as our Native American partners to collaborate and communicate. I would be honored to have your vote in the upcoming election on November 6, 2018. I will work hard to educate myself and consider all courses of actions affecting CAP.

Jeff Small, Executive Director of the Congressional Western Caucas

Podcast: Arizona Department of Water Resources

Breaking Par: Discussion on water conservation and using water wisely

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